Zero Trust: One-Stop Security Solution for IT resources

Zero Trust: One-Stop Security Solution for IT resources

March 11, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Zero trust is a strategic security initiative for preventing data loss that transparently eliminates the trust factor from any organization’s network and IT infrastructure. It primarily brings on the norm that Never signifies Trust, always verify. Hence, the Zero Trust security solution has been a critical aspect for every enterprise and business across the globe.

Zero Trust security solution focuses on three important factors:

  • Empowering network segmentation
  • Offering multiple layer protection
  • Simplifying accessibility and user control

So, be it any industry, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, Information Technology, or Government sector, a Zero Trust security solution is the one-stop solution to protect your valuable information from unauthorized and malicious attacks.

The fundamental strategy is to stop the sensitive database breach by cross verifying the user identity after considering that any person seeking access should be responsibly checked and get validated with credentials for safe and authorized accessibility.

The old school model of security solutions has constantly failed us. So rather than trying to build a secured boundary around your IT infrastructure, try to adopt zero trust services that will relentlessly count on the norm “trust but verify” instead of “verify all.”

The US Adopts the Zero Trust Security Solution

To enable the United States to stay protected against the cyber-attacks, the US government in the white house issued Executive Order (EO) 14028 for enhancing the online security of Nation that simply adopts the procedure of adopting the Zero Trust Security solution to modernize and accelerate the protection of secured cloud services across the country.

Microsoft is the organization that has been trusted to deploy a zero-trust journey across the entire network by counting on a Zero Trust Maturity Model developed by the National Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). It conventionally aligned with the government norms to converge the focus on identities, devices, application, and end-to-end data sources and empowered the visibility, analysis, and automation of government IT infrastructure.

Don’t Trust, Always Verify!

Today, the government sector across the globe is widely relying on zero trust security solutions. When it comes to national security, every data and information with the IT infrastructure must be protected against cybercrime and malicious attacks. Be it government affairs, administration, defense, or another aspect of intelligent security, the Zero Trust model is the only robust, reliable, and confirmed model to ensure the complete protection of valuable information.

It invariably focuses on three initiatives:

  • App and network authentication
  • Trust
  • Device authentication

The five drafted methodology of the Zero Trust framework are:

  • Define the projection surface
  • Map the flow of transaction
  • Frame a zero-trust network
  • Build a zero-trust policy
  • Maintain and monitor the established network

The steps may include VisualizeEliminate and Optimize.

The major assurance that zero trust brings for you are:

  • Continuous verification
  • Automating the context
  • Limiting the accessibility for users

The major objective of a zero-trust network is:

  • Inculcate character validation, integrated framework, facilitating favourable conditions, endpoints, and many more tasks.
  • End-to-end formulation to secure business assets and inculcate security across every touchpoint of the IT infrastructure.
  • Eradicate direct accessibility to the company resources and valuable data to cocoon sensitive information.
  • Allow authorized accessibility of data and resources and streamline verification and usage of information for the company’s benefit.

Method of Zero Trust Framework by Microsoft for Government Sector

  • Holistic user verification to achieve and maintain role-specific accessibility control.
  • Identity and Access management for encouraging, validating, and defining the user permission could result in the acceptance or denial of the request.
  • Multi-factor authentication that cross-verifies the credential and reused passwords across the network.
  • End-to-end protection for government IT solutions and services by cloud adoption framework and incorporation of; other trending market technologies.

Microsoft believes that:

The traditional network security method will no longer stay relevant for government affairs and data protection. Hence, the sector needs to adopt a security solution propelled by cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big data, and another intelligent security system.

The old-school data protection method always bifurcates the network making the security solution complicated unsafe, and prone to risk, cybercrimes, and online attacks. To defeat such adversity, Government IT solutions and services must vigorously count on a zero-trust security model.

In most cases, the actual attacker is the one who already held the credential of the network and infrastructure. Zero trust security solutions allow you to recheck such access that redefines the protection of digital architecture throughout the company.

atQor: A Remarkable Security Service Provider

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