Zero Trust Security for MS Teams Collaboration

Zero Trust Security for MS Teams Collaboration

January 13, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Zero Trust Security Model for MS Teams 

The business world is enormously being guided from manual to digital platforms. Even the on-premises infrastructure has turned obsolete, and every sector is widely looking forward to migrating to cloud infrastructure. This gives rise to the deflation of conventional methods of securing the data and the adoption of advanced formulas to eradicate the unauthorized accessibility and any malicious attack misusing the credentials. Azure Zero Trust Security is one such procedure that defies the default access to any resources by incorporating invariable verification into the network of IT infrastructure.

Instead of assuming that every resource and data within the firewall is secured, Zero Trust Model presumes that there is a strong possibility of breach and alteration of norms, encouraging a certain verification of every request that is generated within the enterprise network system. Whatever might be the request and or whichever be the resources the person is seeking access to, Zero Trust Model proclaims “never trust, always verify” procedure.

Such security behaviour is should mandatorily be integrated with MS Teams. The retention policy assigned to MS Teams is vital for maintaining the legal, business, and compliance regulation.

Guiding Principles of Zero Trust for MS Teams

Explicit Verification: The Zero Trust model seeks to verify and authenticate the accounts and credentials based on the availability of every data source.

Don’t Release Privileged Access: Restrict the real-time accessibility of the users with Just-In-Time and Just-Enough-Access (JIT/JEA), hazard-based versatile approaches, and information assurance.

Keep the breach in Consideration: Get predictive analysis to bring visibility to the context. Verify the encryption from top to bottom and do consider the possibility of stipulations, credentials, and data breaches.

Why Choose atQor?

Being the leading Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor holds a high degree of potential in ensuring security and data breaches across the bandwidth of resources in your company. Our IT experts have shown an outstanding capability in deploying phenomenal security solutions to clients and customers.

Be it corporate offices, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, manufacturing, or research industry; Everyone is leaning towards an intelligent security and compliance behavior for better operational approach, save the misuse and loss of data & higher productivity with the enhanced return of investment. atQor can easily deliver this functionality.

So, Whether you are the owner of a multi-level enterprise or you are the concerned IT person of a top-notch company, It’s time to hurry up and get the Zero Trust Security Solution.

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