Azure brings global scalability, an open, flexible and simple platform with influential capabilities

Azure brings global scalability, an open, flexible and simple platform with influential capabilities

December 1, 2015 | Digital Marketing, Azure

In today’s business, priorities are shifting. The most important and greater focus is being placed on accelerating the growth of your business by reducing the cost of maintaining your applications and legacy systems and shifting your resources to higher value, innovative projects. Windows Azure has become the premier solution to concentrating these business needs. As a leading cloud platform, Windows Azure offers a convincing set of features and capabilities to realize the benefits of the Azure cloud.

atQor, an elite Microsoft partner and member of the Azure Circle program, offers dedicated global solutions for providing enterprise-level. Azure services meet your unique goals and requirements.

One of the large companies, Microsoft, which has extensive experience in managing large data centers, is offering customers to “rent” data capacity. This is one of the most immense news for companies that want to focus on their core business application and not worry about the underlying platform. Microsoft cloud platform offering is called Windows Azure.

atQor offers a full suite of services, including:

Transformation Service

  • Realize the benefits of the cloud and identify applications best suited for Azure.
  • Shift workloads, transfer the existing applications, and extend on-premise applications to Azure.
  • Convert the applications and deploy to Azure.

Development Services

  • Development, designing, and testing public or hybrid applications on Azure.
  • Re-deployment or deployment of packaged applications on Azure in public, private or hybrid.

Managing Services

  • Provide dedicated, skill excellence, global support team.
  • Securing cloud deployment with advanced protection, monitoring, governance, and automation.

Benefits of atQor Application Services for Windows Azure include:

  • An outstanding relationship with Microsoft, translating into deeper insight and early access to new features and capabilities.
  • Solution centers with excellent, skillful assistance where you can explore issues like performance, security, and governance.
  • Group of skilled, dedicated professionals who specialize in Windows Azure deployments.

At atQor, we ensure you achieve the benefits of Windows Azure is cost-effective.

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