Microsoft 365 Subscription: Which one Should You Choose for Business?

Microsoft 365 Subscription: Which one Should You Choose for Business?

April 28, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

Are you in a dilemma to choose M365 plans suitable for your business? We all know that Microsoft has been the leading brand for decades that offers tools for Office solutions. Recently, Microsoft introduced and customized various Office plans and tools based on business needs.  

For this purpose, Microsoft launches custom and versatile M365 license plans for all sizes of businesses for their faster growth in a short time.  

Also, these office tools help simplify your complex business processes and documentation tasks easier, streamlined, and well-organized. Now consider vital parameters to know before finalizing your business’s Microsoft 365 subscription plan.

Which Parameters Need To Check Before Selecting Appropriate M365 Business Plans? 

There are specific parameters that every business must consider before choosing the necessary M365 business essentials subscription. 

Analyze available tools and software in your business 

It is the first important thing to consider while planning appropriate M365 license plans. So, start asking the below questions to your companies. 

  1. Which hardware tools and operating systems do your businesses run currently?
  2. Do workers and employees use the same office software programs?

Besides, some companies and businesses grow faster but fix multiple applications and software. On the contrary, M365 is a cloud-based office program that works better with various operating systems. 

Understand your business needs based on your budget 

Appropriate answers to the below questions will act as the crucial parameter for adequately understanding your business requirements. 

  1. Which is the suitable Microsoft 365 license plan for your business?
  2. Does your business require intense security levels?
  3. Do you want to increase productivity and collaboration in your business workflow?
  4. Discuss the final budget to invest in the cloud collaboration platform with an M365 subscription?

Short Overview On M365 Business Plans

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic 
  • These M365 business essentials plan is suitable for small organizations with internet access, and it is the cheapest plan. 
  • It only offers web and mobile versions of Microsoft office software, apps, and services, avoiding their desktop versions. 
  1. Microsoft 365 Apps for business 
  • With this Microsoft subscription plan, you can get downloadable and web-based desktop apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.  
  • The businesses or organizations will get 1 TB of cloud storage feature with a standard security level in this plan.  
  • In this M365 license plan, you can benefit from Microsoft Teams’ communication platform that improves your business productivity.  
  1. Microsoft 365 Business Standard 
  • This M365 business plan offers all the desktop apps and web services of Microsoft Office software programs with Microsoft Teams integration. 
  • It additionally offers a storage capacity for emails of 50 GB and allows you to host webinars with customized company emails. 
  1. Microsoft 365 Business Premium 
  • It is a suitable and expensive M365 license plan for bigger organizations. It also includes all the primary features of the M365 business-standard plan. 
  • You will get advanced security protection that protects businesses from malware and ransomware attacks.  

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Insights And Benefits Of Using M365 Enterprise Plans 

  1. Microsoft 365 F3 

There are various benefits your business will achieve through Microsoft 365 F3 enterprise plan. It is the perfect subscription plan for the frontline workers, which empowers them with productivity apps and cloud services to work efficiently.  

  • This plan offers strong enterprise versions of Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and Outlook.
  • It offers dedicated file management and storage tools used in various business processes.
  • Users will benefit from tools like SharePoint, Yammer, and video conferencing for social media.
  1. Microsoft 365 E3 

The best advantage of these M365 license plans is to offer small and medium-size organizations the necessary tools to improve productivity, collaboration, and security.  

  • It provides the primary products with compliance and security to give a secure platform to run your business processes.
  • This plan offers emails and calendar management features to help businesses plan and schedule vital tasks.
  1. Microsoft 365 E5 

The advanced subscription plan for enterprises requires advanced productivity, security, compliance, and analytical capabilities to execute multiple business processes.  

  • This M365 license plan contains all the features of M365 E3 plans with added advanced security features, communication solutions, and analytics tools.
  • However, your businesses will benefit from a fully automated range of Microsoft applications with this enterprise plan.
  • This plan offers all the functions and acts as a total enterprise-level solution that completes complex business processes faster with increased efficiency.


Which Microsoft Enterprise Plan Is Better: M365 E3 VS E5 Plans? 

If your business requires limited security features with budget-friendly cloud collaboration platform services, you can select the M365 E3 plan. This plan offers all the primary functions and tools sufficient for the smooth running of small and medium-scale business processes. 

In contrast, if your business needs fully automated solutions with Microsoft programs and advanced cybersecurity features. Therefore, the M365 E5 plan will be an excellent solution for your business. 

Final Summary 

To solve your confusion and dilemma regarding M365 business plans, you can contact Microsoft 365 consultant for the appropriate guidance. In this way, you can get a suitable M365 subscription plan for your business. 

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