Complete Details About Travel Request form for Employees

Complete Details About Travel Request form for Employees

October 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

In this world of agility, moving forward with the pace of technology is the solitary pathway toward success. Because sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And travel request form for employees is one of the indistinguishable forms of magic from technology.

You might get surprised to know that a whopping an average of 1.3 million trips made by American employees each year, according to the global business travel association.

That’s too much traveling, isn’t it? Nevertheless, businesses need corporate travel request forms to manage, operate, and track massive traveling trips. Such travel approval request form makes your organization more automotive and bring your employees into focus.

What is Travel Request Form?

A business travel request form is a solution for an employee traveling for business purposes. They need to fill out this form to provide management an overview of their business trip concerning expenses and strategy.

Such forms stipule the expenses like flight tickets, car rentals, hotels, meals, and other costs going to befall while undertaking business trip and such form assist accounting and management department in making quick decisions.

Additionally, such forms facilitate managers who approve travel to be informed of the anticipated expenditures and make budgetary and finance arrangements accordingly.


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What is the Importance of the Business Travel Request Form?

The travel request form, also known as the employee travel request form, has much encouraging importance in organizations. It serves your business more productive and saves time for management-level executives.

Going back to the drawing board, business trip request form cart important like:


Many companies may face financial scare; a business travel request form helps management to keep financial expenses in order by providing a clear idea of expenses and cost of the trip.


For accounting and billing, business trip travel request forms play a vital role in managing, organizing, and documenting trip expenses and costs.

Additionally, the business employee travel expense form can also be stored for later use to avoid confusion or clutter regarding trips or charges.


The optimal purpose of the business trip request form is authorization, the expense of all business trips authorized by management level executives so that organization can properly use resources and funds in the company.

Additionally, managers and directors get a valuable overview of expenses through the authorization facility so that they director and manager can make proper decisions about whether such a trip is worth it or not. Hence, the employee travel request form is also a business travel authorization form.


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What Details are Necessary for Travel Request Form for Employees?

The travel request form should be user-friendly and tailored to your company’s needs. Additionally, it must include some basic and essential information that will give management a complete picture of the costs and specifics of your business trip.

So, hang in there; we have a good list of such details which are essential to include in travel request form.

Travel Request Form For Employees

Employee Name:

The first thing that must be included in the travel approval request form is the employee’s name. Without knowing the employee’s name, management will be unable to track whom they spend on. 

Employee ID:

Mentioning an employee id with a name can confirm the employee’s identity and does not create confusion among employees with the same name working in a different department.

Employee Department:

The department details are the most critical aspect of the travel request form. Noting the department provides an overview of the expense and cost of each department and also tracks the spending on each department.

Email ID:

Including an email address in the travel request form for employees will enable the business to schedule emails for regular travel dates and communicate information regarding reservations, travel budgets, cab bookings, and other crucial details before a trip. Such data help the employee travel hassle-free with all the information mentioned in the email.

Phone Number:

Incorporating a mobile number in the company travel request form can be helpful in sort of any emergency communication. While booking the ticket, if there are any changes in date or days, contacting via phone call will be easy and faster. Hence it is appropriate to add a phone number to the travel request form.

Days of Traveling:

The vital detail that needs to be mentioned in the travel request form is the days of traveling; planning a trip without mentioning the days is an expensive cost for the organization, and management may have to bear expenses unwillingly. Additionally, unplanned trips can make travel bookings complex and challenge, especially during times of festivals.

Manager/ Team leaders:

Mentioning the manager or team leader’s name in the travel request form can make it quickly for management to track the expenses of different departments easily, and also while team leaders need to know about where, how, and when this team member is going to travel.

Additionally, mentioning the team leader’s name gives access to the team leader to track the approval journey, which helps them to make appropriate decisions while working on projects and manage the availability of this employee.

Purpose of Travelling:

The corporate travel request form is tailored to know the meaning of traveling; such details aid the management in deciding whether to approve a travel trip or not. Also, management can get an overview of the benefits of travel trips.

Types of Arrangements:

Arrangements such as bookings of flights, trains, hotels, cabs, and restaurants should be mentioned in detail within the business trip travel request form; such information can assist the organization in eliminating unwanted or unnecessary expenses. Additionally, management gains a complete outline of expenditures carried out on the trip.


The accommodation details are another essential factor in the employee travel expense form. Many employees prefer packages, and while it may cost the organization, having detail about accommodation and hotels may aid management in cutting the cost as much as possible; furthermore, mentioning the address and place of accommodation help the organization communicates efficiently in case of emergency. 

City to Depart and Arrival:

Departure and arrival time, place, and date are essential aspects in the travel approval request form such detail helps the management to plan the trip and manage the journey seamlessly.
Additionally, it helps the organization to make proper arrangements to make employee trips successful.

Payment Option:

Mentioning payment mode can enhance employee experience while traveling, providing options to do expenses through UPI, cash, and net banking can be convenient for employees to travel effortlessly. Hence, offering different payment options can make a superior impact while traveling.

Approval and Signature:

The final option to mention in the business trip request form is the option of approval or rejection with a signature. After going through all details of the company travel request form, management has the right to approve or reject the form.
In case of rejection or approval, an automated email gets generated and sent to all associated departments with the reasons mentioned; such a feature assists all departments in taking necessary steps in case of approval or rejection.

Streamline Your Business Trip Request Form Now

Every organization needs more ubiquitous and decentralized computing power; hence, business travel request software can enable decentralized automation across your business trip planning and travel approval process.

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