Bring Different Methodologies of Power BI with M365 in Various Industries!

Bring Different Methodologies of Power BI with M365 in Various Industries!

April 11, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Power BI

The importance of Business Intelligence is not any more concealed in any industry across the global market. Whatever your industry’s stature in regard to product, service, size, and utility, Business Intelligence technology is the one-stop solution to get a better yield out of your invested resources.

Thus, many industries rely on M365 licenses that carry advanced capability of Power BI development services to better analyze their operational prospects and make rational decisions. This will radiate intelligent functionality, better return on investment, and a wide possibility of growth across every touchpoint of the company.

There are many types of data evaluation that any business comes to terms with. Many turn out to be effective, and many fail to harvest an output. So, before adopting the technology, you must analyze the commonly used cases of Power BI solutions that may bring a line of competitive advantages to your business.

Use Cases for Power BI in a Variety of Industries

Power BI in a Variety of Industries

Resource Management: 

Resource management is an integral methodology in Microsoft Power BI Solution. The customized dashboard and strong integration with other Microsoft technologies allow the operations to generate an informative report and get a holistic overview of demand and resource alignment. Some of the important metrics are:

  • Project and resources allocation
  • Number of tasks allocated to the specific resources
  • Acquired skills of the resources
  • Percentage of project completion

Financial Reporting: 

The financial reporting dashboard is another wing of the M365 Power Platform (Power BI) that can let your company soar high in the respective marketplace. Tracking the business and financial elements is not only difficult, but it brings an avalanche of confusion and ambiguity. To avoid this issue, Power BI brings you an integrated financial dashboard that gets you away from the monotonous task of updating and evaluating the business data manually.

Hence, to chase the powerful data visualization capability, power BI consulting services are selling like a hot cake in the market.

Billing, Claim, and Collection Report: 

The fundamental base of phenomenal customer management is fast and efficient claim, billing, and collection handling. This kind of evaluation enables the operational and accounts management to recognize the profitable trends, possible loss, risks, fraud, and ineffectiveness. Thus, Power BI development companies are broadly converging their focus on billing, claim, and collection reports.

Inventory Management: 

Inventory management is another imperative parameter of Microsoft 365 that is leveraging the growth of a modern business. It helps you out with a clear identification of purchase, stock, device, location, and return on investment.

The facilitation that it offers are:

  • Overstock, understock, and deadstock report
  • Clear insights on product, re-stoking, and re-ordering
  • Elimination of deadstock
  • Budget and financial planning across the complete warehouse

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atQor deploys Every Used Case of Business Intelligence

Being the spearhead Gold Partner of Microsoft and a leading Microsoft Power BI consultant, atQor offers a long list of benefits that can reshape the analytical capability of your company.

These are:

  • Mutual fund analyses with Power BI
  • Power BI dashboard for MS online
  • Operational excellence Power BI report
  • RFM analysis using Power BI
  • FMCG Power BI report
  • Power BI dashboard for product and revenue analysis
  • Power BI dashboard for HR analysis
  • Power BI dashboard for manufacturing execution system
  • Power BI deploying employee executive summary over HR dashboard

Hence, these features and capabilities offered by our Business Intelligence solution undoubtedly make it a blue-chip investment in any marketplace. There is no business that can get by without the involvement of analysis, and our Business intelligence solution can make you fetch the best out of analytical attributes.

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