Explore the Power BI Basics & Data Visualization Technology

Explore the Power BI Basics & Data Visualization Technology

November 10, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Power BI

Know the Basics of Big Data Visualization & Power BI Development Services 

Visualization, The greatest virtue of Mankind! The one which transformed us from Post Card to Email; Post riders to Cell Phone, Paper files to computers, and finally off-premises to cloud infrastructure. History made us witness that any Plan, Action, or vision ought to be successful, empowered by proper visualization. Undoubtedly! 

Data Visualization is the representation of stats and information in a visual context by using many illustration elements like charts, graphs, and maps. The prime objective is to understand the specification, outliers, and structure of data governance. 

In the era of Big-Data, Data analysis tools are too crucial to analyze this colossal amount of information that would allow you to make a data-driven decision. It plays the role of total guide to Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI is one such business intelligence tool. A unified collection of Business Intelligence software, a fierce competitor of Tableau, is currently ruling the modern era with its interactive insights and dashboards. Visualize and discover the important slice from the bulk of information and share it with anyone you want. 

Three basic versions of Power BI 

Power BI Desktop: It enables data connectivity with multiple software, connectors, and services. Download the latest version as per your OS Type and Version. 

Power BI Services: It is used for publishing reports. Get the privilege of directly editing the Dashboard on a web server using SaaS. Power BI service is also important to set permission and authorize correct accessibility. 

Power BI Mobile App: It is used to view the given report and Dashboard. The Power BI is always empowered with Mobile View Editor so that we can customize mobile dashboards differently from the web dashboard. 

Why do you need a Power BI service provider?

Despite leveraging your company with innumerable data sources for building dashboards and reports, some loopholes follow along. To deal with questions like this, One has to get into commission a Power BI Service provider One that can offer you a customized solution and make you grab the advantages of optimized Business Intelligence technology. 

The lucrative advantages of Power BI are: 

  • Converge the data collected from various sources like Spreadsheets, ERP, CRM, files, APIs, etc. 
  • Power BI should work as an excellent data connector to give a centralized data view. 
  • The forecast engine of this Business Intelligence tool creates data alerts for anonymous detection. 
  • Mitigate the need for the manual effort by automating regular report generation. 
  • Power BI also offers real-time system monitoring to plan, analyse and process reports. 

To bring the benefits on a single page, You need a Power BI Development company. The need for data visualization is gaining gradual importance for the advancement of every business sector. With the availability of new visualization tools, report generation and analysis like Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis is becoming much faster and easier. Better will be the decision-making, More will be the ROI (Return of Investment). This has been why Power BI is kick-starting the visualization voyage of most top-notch enterprises. 

The three basic views of Power BI are: 

  • Report View: Get the opportunity to build your own Dashboard. For this, you can count on the frontend view of the Dashboard. 
  • Data View: Get the chance to play around with your data. Put them in an organised form using rows and columns to bifurcate the queries and measures. 
  • Model View: Here, You describe the relationship between various tables available. Create a one-to-one, many-to-many, one-to-many dashboard as per your requirement. 

Why is Big Data Visualization important? 

Data Visualization communicates the information across the organization in a pretty effective and universal manner. This brings great help to the business by letting you understand the consumer behavior, area of improvement, stakeholder ratio, product requirement, and predict sale volume. 

Common types of data visualization are: 
  • Charts 
  • Tables 
  • Graphs 
  • Maps 
  • Infographics 
  • Dashboards 

atQor, A leading Power BI Service provider 

Being the leading Microsoft Gold Partner, atQor has owned innumerable stars on the shoulders for giving outstanding Business Intelligence Solutions to its clients and customers. Whatever your organization’s stature, atQor has owned a high degree of capability to transform the raw company data into a visual output. We have various Power BI solutions named Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t adopted our Power BI Development service, do embrace the technology at the earliest. 

“It’s time to aim high with an optimized Business Intelligence tool.” 
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