atQor Vault: A Document Management System Solution of the Market

atQor Vault: A Document Management System Solution of the Market

December 16, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

What is DMS?

A document management system is a software solution to store, manage, and track documents digitally. Pharma manufacturers and the medical researcher industry usually utilize its major capabilities. Any research-based industry can benefit it in different ways, like healthcare or any other. This solution helps manage the documents through automation capabilities to keep track of the entire process. It also prevents data duplication issues so that the same documents do not create any miscommunication or block the database space. Keeping corporate evaluation out, if we see, also helps save paper and space due to the nonexistence of papers. 

As per the market requirements, research-based industries use it most often as they have major tasks involving paperwork. One set of papers needs approval from many people, which can cause chaos and multiple copies of the same document. DMS helps avoid this as it creates one copy of the document and gives rights of permission for editing and reading to the creator.  

Traditionally document management was done on paper by people, but digital document management makes managing business documents easy and far more beneficial and fruitful. And one of the most beneficial ways to do it is using the SharePoint developed document management system.  

Benefits of Document Management System

Benefits of Document Management System: 

Security and safety: 

Where paper documents are stored in basic folders that take up space in infrastructure, DMS saves documents digitally on a cloud. It is available to a larger group of people and is secure from any kind of hazards and calamities. You can always recover any lost document, and also it creates backups of these folders for security purposes.  


Paper documents take up a lot of space physically and can be hard to maintain in hardbound. Also, they don’t occupy any infrastructure, saving a lot of space and making it more accessible. DMS saves documents electronically on a cloud. This way, it becomes easier to save and maintain documents. 

Regulations and Convenience: 

DMS makes following regulations easier. It allows you to create presets, set up schedules, automate certain processes, and follow templates. It becomes easier to stay in sync with other employees and contribute to changes before a final document is prepared.  

Time Consumption: 

DMS saves a lot of time compared to paper documents. These documents take up ample time to find and are misplaced easily. Whereas the electronic document is easier to find and cannot be misplaced. DMS also organizes your documents making it easier to spot the file or document you need.  

Synced Workplace: 

A Document Management System makes collaboration and sharing of documents very easy. Sharing your documents with anyone, anytime, and working simultaneously on it, is a level of convenience offered by DMS.  And limited access and extra security help maintain the document’s privacy and safety. 

When investing in a Document Management System application, you should consider the basic three application capabilities. 

  • Mobile: 

The application should have any time, anywhere access to work documents as employees are working remotely and on the go all the time. Easy access is what they expect out of the system. It also includes speedy search and location of critical documents and fewer clicks to get the desired result.  

  • Intuitive and Smart: 

Today applications are needed to be smart and intuitive, understanding and anticipating the needs like remembering previous searches and suggesting based on it. Provide relevant tips in context to appropriate tasks on hand.  

  • Collaborative and Secure

Collaboration with other apps is needed in today’s time. Cross-collaboration and file-sharing need to be made easy and secure as the data here is sensitive and has limited access permissions and restrictions for compliance issues.  

Updated empowerment of DMS with Speech Recognition Technology: 

Mark Geremia, mass-based Nuance, which develops speech recognition technology, says DMS sits nicely with voice recognition technologies. It helps in industries with heavy documentation processes as it enables easier creation, editing, and management of documents. The adoption of advanced speech recognition capabilities has been growing since the launch of Siri and Alexa. Concerning this, he said that Nuance is working with a few large organizations with a variety of businesses to help implement the strategies, including education, finance, healthcare, legal, and many more.  

Industries that use it: 

  • Healthcare and pharma 
  • Hospitality 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Retail and consumer goods 
  • Wholesale and distribution 

atQor vault- a remarkable Document Management System! 

atQor Vault is a personalized DMS solution developed utilizing SharePoint development capabilities. It was initially made counting on the functions of pharmaceutical companies, but further, it started getting customized for a wide range of other industries. Today, atQor Vault is a frontline DMS thriving of the operational challenges in every marketplace across the Globe.  

Thus, DMS is very important software to manage your documents by saving them electronically and securing sensitive data there. It helps quickly retrieve data and also increases productivity as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. And atQor Vault will give you these benefits along with customization of your needs and services for it.  

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