Explore the Re-owned World of Dynamics 365: Microsoft Ignite 2021

Explore the Re-owned World of Dynamics 365: Microsoft Ignite 2021

November 9, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Ignite Event

Witness Dynamics Collaboration with New MS Dynamics 365

To explore the new hybrid ecosystem, Technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Office 365, Teams & AZURE CLOUD PLATFORM have come up with countless technology empowerment in regard to StorageAnalysisProcessing, and Deployment.  

Few important updates For Dynamics 365: 

Accessible Business Data:

Access to information can often turn handicapped and slow down customer support. The latest update on Dynamics 365 is a one-stop solution to this problem. D365 and Teams enable the organization to pull down the network so that you can get access to information and incorporate innovation to solve problems. Organizations can now fetch quick results from the company’s data across multiple Microsoft networks to pull out the deep and actionable insights across Outlook and Teams and search valuable business data inline while writing. 

Increased Collaboration:

Microsoft took the initiative to let you build proposals for addressing customers’ needs. Teams can now invite individuals across the enterprise to consolidate Dynamics 365 sales records with the workflow of the Teams channel. Other major updates comprise the capability to have a “chat now” pop out from anywhere in Dynamics 365 and inbound/outbound digital voice with Teams incorporating conversational intelligence. 

Real-time engagement:

Organizations can incorporate supervision, that who is involved with them with Dynamics 365 apps. Additionally, users can access all the information and data available on resources they are collaborating with and the engagement via calls, chats, or meetings. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds virtue to uplift the supply chain management

As the production managers look for flexibility and connectivity in their factory, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can now help customers to practice shifts, supply management, and system downtime by eradicating siloed Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to enhance the transparency of the production floor. Manufacturers can now act seamlessly and streamlined with this technology to consolidate data and fetch predictive insights to uplift quality and optimize production. 

On top of that, A frontline enhancement to plan optimized engine in D365 supply chain management enables the eradication of zero-stock ventures. The solution automatically prioritizes fulfilling the high-demand stuff on a real-time basis leveling the stock management that leads to proper supply chain management. 

Empower the function of Dynamics 365 Customer Service with Voice Channel Availability 

Digitally transform your contact center operations with the D365 Customer Service Voice channel. On top of that, the all-time and omnichannel functionality reinforces the power of Microsoft Teams to put on old-school Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and Customer Engagement Centre (CEC) under a solo frame of integrated customer service Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with Dynamics 365 Consumer Service. 

The automated, intelligent and in-depth data insight that was available only on the digital forum is currently incorporated with the voice option. Organizations can now rely on an all-in-one contact center to enhance knowledge and management and transform contract center routing in digital and voice channels.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights is still in Preview 

To enable the organizations to dilute the supply chain impediments and meet the changing customer demands, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights is now in Preview. Supply Chain insights let the organizations presume and degrade the disruptions and assure positive customer experiences by replenishing the demands of the consumers. 

With these solutions, enterprises can: 

  • Consolidate and converge data from third-party service providers, logistics partners, and multi-dimensional suppliers in real-time. 
  • Promote transparency by building a colon of the supply chain that can extract meaningful insights empowered by Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Predict and upgrade the risk management by augmenting the supply chain with external aspects like mitigating the environmental disaster or geopolitical ventures that could impact the supply chain. 
  • These insights help the organizations improve their decision-making ability through the in-depth analysis of the action both upstream and downstream. They can further be automated and executed by enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other supply chain execution format. 

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