Microsoft Ignite 2021: Just the Beginning of the Azure Era!

Microsoft Ignite 2021: Just the Beginning of the Azure Era!

November 9, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Know about Azure in Microsoft Ignite 

When Microsoft conducted the event (MS Ignite) in November ’21; We witnessed a broad opportunity for a wide range of enterprises starting from Domestic Firms to Multi-Level companies, not just in regard to flexibility and enhanced operational behavior, but also a revolutionary initiative to create a never-seen possible benchmark of the organization. 

Starting from Azure cognitive service to Azure Infra, Azure Migration to Azure IoT, the event demonstrated the countless updates that narrate the tale of scope and area of uplifting improvements with the most beneficial technologies of all time, AZURE. 

Be it WordExchangeExcelSharePoint, or TeamsMICROSOFT 365 Suite on Azure platform facilitates next-level cloud storage, cloud security, omnipresent accessibility, predictable expenditure, improved communication & centralized collaboration for the users. 

This article aims to open the book of such technology that has been up versioned and stitched in a customized way to boost your productivity like anything. 


Major Updates with Azure are: 

Azure AI 

Azure Cognitive Search’s semantic search capability has improved the support for more than 50 languages. Now with the most impactful technologies of all time, Machine Learning, Microsoft has proximate the context and the intent of the text, possibility closest to the search result. Azure Cognitive Search support for more languages is in preview. The new service adds the facilitation onto the variety of scenarios from summarization to code generation. 

So, the major updates are: 

Azure Cognitive Service for Language: Introducing the new Language Studio with Text Analytics, QnA Maker, and Language Understanding capabilities into one frame. 

A commitment tier pricing model for Azure Cognitive Services: A mush desired alternative to the pay-as-you-use model at a discounted rate by making regular payments. 

Azure IoT 

With the commencement of 2021, Azure IoT hiked its adoption to 90% across global business giants, which is imperative for an organization’s success. Growth gets multiple accelerations by global circumstances and the usage of the advancing technologies. 

Consequently, 66% of the worldwide organizations expect to increase their investment by 66% in IoT, and 28% plan to synchronize their investment. 

With the latest IoT updates, Organizations can now explore: 

  • The expansion rate of IT adoption. 
  • Benefits, challenges, and exponential growth of IoT. 
  • IoT’s key advantages in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and energy industries. 
  • The use of technologies like AI, edge computing, and digital twins in IoT solutions.

Azure Mixed Reality 

Unravel the innovation to use Microsoft Mesh App to enhance collaboration; get HoloLens 2! HoloLens 2, HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition, and HoloLens 2 Development Edition are available at a 15% discount for a limited time period for promotional benefits. Check out the Microsoft stores from November 30, 2021. 

With the integration of Mesh with teams, the next big thing for 2D and 3D is on the toes. It is coming up with a completely new structure to build a relentlessly connective experience. Corporate places like conference rooms, design centers, and networking lounges can be digitally taken into the landscape, replenishing the gap between the physical and virtual world. Teams users will be able to access these Microsoft Mesh-enabled capabilities, in preview, in the first half of 2022. 

Why atQor?

To harness the power of the Cloud platform, Microsoft has conducted Ignite in November ’21. But you need a reliable partner working with Microsoft to extract the benefits to the edge. atQor is one among the squad. 

Our major benefits of cloud solutions are: 

  • It costs less & integrates faster. 
  • 24 X 7 availability & multi-access authentication. 
  • It offers flexibility that could be turned off, up, or down considering the user’s circumstances. 
  • Automated updating of all integrated software. 
  • Secure data transfer. 
  • Real-time operations accessibility & multi-network connectivity. 
  • Enhanced collaboration. 

How can atQor Contribute with its Azure expertise? 

This is just the beginning of the change. Microsoft Gold PartneratQor has concealed much more future benefits for loyal clients and customers. 

Be it infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), platform as a service (PAAS), software as a service (SAAS).


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