Experience a Remarkable Google Cloud to Azure Migration

Experience a Remarkable Google Cloud to Azure Migration

March 28, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Google to Azure: Let’s Experience the Best of Cloud Migration 

Cloud migration is simply the practice of moving the data, services, applications, and other business elements from on-premises or the current cloud environment to the chosen cloud infrastructure. As the digital transformation is gaining acceleration, businesses around the globe are widely running after customized and viable cloud services that could streamline the storage, process, sharing, and accessibility of data across the respective company. 

Whenever cloud migration becomes the topic of discussion, locomoting from Google to Azure cloud is the most talked-about segment of the bulletin. Anyway, Google holds the third rank in the list of cloud services, and Azure has been placed second. So there is a strong reason that enterprises are broadly reckoning on Azure datacentre. 

Additional Benefits of Migrating to Azure Cloud Infrastructure 


Benefits of Migrating to Azure Cloud 
  • High Scalability 
  • Budget-friendly Infrastructure Cost 
  • Remarkable Security 
  • Better Return of Investment 
  • Better Provision of Data and Meaningful Insights 
  • Enormous Storage Capacity 
  • Better Computing Service 
  • Browser and tool Dependency 
  • Network Spread 
benifits of migrate to azure cloud
  1. High Scalability: The Scalable bandwidth of Azure is much broader than Google cloud. The data and resources can be scaled up and scaled down as per the requirement and feasibility of the company. Moreover, the customized solution offers a different scalable bar to different companies that make Azure service sell like hot cake in the market. 
  1. Budget-friendly Infrastructure Cost: The cost of maintaining the data, application, and services in Azure cloud infrastructure is much less than that of Google cloud. Azure gives a straight solution to real-time problems of digital business, and often the pioneers of the marketplace find the expenses, an acute value for money. 
  1. Remarkable Security: When it comes to data security, Azure cloud infrastructure is undoubtedly much safer than Google cloud. The protection it deploys against cybercriminals and malicious attacks is worthy of being invested in. 
  1. Better Return of Investment: The IT management of Azure cloud infrastructure has been designed to enhance investment return. Modern companies are blindfolded, counting on Google Cloud To Azure Migration with diverse services, customer-friendly pricing, and pay-as-you-go models. 
  1. Better Provision of Data and Meaningful Insights: Big data, data comprehension, inventory facilitation, and DevOps advantages like software pipelines and many more are the key offering of Azure. Although Google cloud also has a better offering when the data distribution is concerned, Azure gets listed at the top of the chart. Google often lacks the capability to offer in-house or in-built functions and features like Azure, where third-party service providers create major differences. On the other hand, Microsoft Azure has a phenomenal line of services like inbuilt disaster recovery functionality and information backup and is never dependent on any third-party solution provider. 
  1. Enormous Storage Capacity:Microsoft Azure services offer a complete scope of storage spaces and usefulness; however, it accompanies a process learning expectation to absorb information, especially for those new to Microsoft innovation. Google has fewer capacities; however, it stands apart for its stockpiling evaluation and convenience. With the evolution of new work culture, any sector would look for cloud service that would let them store the optimum amount of data. Hence, Google Cloud To Azure Migration is never a decision to regret. 
  1. Better Computing Service: Microsoft Azure offers much better facilitation, not the datacentre infrastructure, but when it comes to computing services. This encourages the Google Cloud To Azure Migration services at a rapid rate on a global range. On top of that, professional experts proclaimed that the certification courses in Microsoft Azure unfold a better career opportunity and market exposure which compelled the aspiring techno to freaks fall for Azure rather than google cloud. 
  1. Browser and Tool Dependency: Azure is not Windows-dependent anymore. A major section of it now runs on Linux, supporting remarkable distribution. This doesn’t happen with Google cloud. Azure uses apparatuses that are recognizable to Windows clients. Designers can utilize Visual Studio and the .NET libraries. Google Cloud Tools let designers do likewise for GCP. Projects dependent on .NET will not be hard to move from one platform to the next. 
  1. Network Spread: Azure holds a strong advantage in networking and data center establishment. It has a colossal 55 regions deployment, including an isolated continent like Antarctica. Google, on the other hand, Google only exhibits 20 regions deployment that neither includes Antarctica nor Africa. 

This data clearly shows that Microsoft Azure is running a step ahead of Google in regards to service competency and distribution. 

2022 would be the era of the Azure cloud platform. Be it any industry, IT, Medical, Healthcare, Pharma, Manufacturing, Education or Government Sectors, each and every house will choose Azure over any other cloud company. 

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Scope of Migration From Google Cloud To Azure 

Google cloud to azure

The following migration scope would be formulated according to the service used. It would never be easy to deal with unless you are leveraged with platform-specific services and optimized tools. In case you count on technologies like Google App Engine and Google Cloud Functions, coding work will be a mandatory prospect. 

Moving SaaS can be a very simple or complex task depending on the availability of the application on both platforms. If the application needs to get integrated with platform-specific evaluation, migration will undoubtedly take some work.  

The four significant tools encompassing cloud-to-cloud migration are: 

  • Server Assessment 
  • Server Migration 
  • Database Assessment 
  • Database Migration 

So, Analysing the scope of migration should be the first step. The server’s evaluation and Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) are proactively required. You need to get an in-depth understanding of both cloud platforms. Given your business goals and the operational target you want to achieve, you have to select the correct service provider to execute the migration with conviction. 

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