How to bring Automation in CAPEX Approval Process?

How to bring Automation in CAPEX Approval Process?

April 5, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

CapEx or Capital expenditure refers to the investment made for purchasing and maintaining company assets like infrastructure, machinery, land, vehicles, and other properties to benefit the organization’s functionality.

CapEx approval comprises the complete procedure of initiating the investment request by a particular department and getting it approved by the upper-level management hierarchy.

Companies are broadly relying on capital expenditure approval software solutions to automate this process that could streamline and optimize the system and bring a holistic and competitive advantage to lubricate the flow of cash and return made from the investment.

Steps of Automating CapEx Expenditure

The major steps that have to be taken for automating the CapEx approval system are:

Gathering CapEx requirements:

Accumulating the functional and non-functional needs and requirements is the first initiative to automate the CapEx approval system. The functional requirements comprise facilitation, and non-functional requirement denotes how the system will work.

At the initial stage, it is beneficial for the vendors to explore the working pattern and customization need of the CapEx approval software solution that will, later on, functionalize the request and approval system.

Automate the approval process:

Automating the approval segment is an integral segment of the whole CapEx approval process. A capital expenditure approval software and solution provider like atQor is capable of attaining the functionality. It is a core initiative that determines the efficiency of this technology solution.

Today, service providers leveraging global enterprises are counting on this feature to strengthen the investment model of the complete organization.

Work on web workspaces:

To raise CapEx requests, view the list of tasks, get real-time visibility, search, and review the service history are the essential initiative for automating the CapEx approval process.

A Microsoft Gold Partner like atQor is capable of empowering your company with the above-mentioned functionality.

Initiate the expenditure request:

leveraging the part of the expenditure request is the prime forte of the automated CapEx approval system. Capital Expenditure System in the market is leaving no stone unturned to deploy this expertise.

Configure the tabs:

Configuring the tabs like tracking CapEx expenditure, Uploading attachments, audit trail and compliance, email notification, monitor progress are the basic requirement for automating the CapEx approval process.

The Need to Automate Capital Expenditure Approval System

The CapEx approval personifies an important decision-making metric of your company that often gets involved with colossal outlays, detailed business analyses, and a long approval cycle with higher management and stakeholders.

Hence, if you are still sticking to the manual method of CapEx approval, you are certainly going to turn outdated and obsolete in the market. Shunning away from the digital procedure would make the system collapse at some point in time.

There might be several challenges following the automation of the process, but CAPEX approval software, solution, and service providers can get you out of that.

On top of that, you will miss countless benefits like:

• Enhanced CapEx control
• Streamlined CapEx approval process
• Standardized CapEx workflow
• Real-time transparency
• Financial Visibility
• Scalability with department rollout
• Reduces paperwork
• Formalised CapEx process
• Cost-effective and quality deployment
• Quick and fast delivery

Being the most preferred Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor has the outstanding capability to automate the CapEx approval system and let your company grab all the above-mentioned benefits.

So, don’t be late. Hurry up and contact atQor to streamline your expenses.

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