In-depth Analysis of SharePoint Syntex – An Ideal content management system and its features

In-depth Analysis of SharePoint Syntex – An Ideal content management system and its features

November 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing, SharePoint

Businesses continuously rely on the latest tools and services to manage their sensitive digital resources in this highly competitive technological world. They need an advanced platform that automates and organize the content precisely, which helps enterprises to extract necessary information whenever required. 

SharePoint Syntex is the appropriate solution for organizations requiring excellent content management systems to extract the necessary information for executing business workflows. However, businesses can partner with a company that offers customizable SharePoint Syntex content services to boost overall workforce performance by reducing essential information fetching time. 

We give you a short brief about SharePoint Syntex, which help businesses to store and extract data in both structured and unstructured format. Afterward, a detailed discussion on how components of SharePoint Syntex help enterprises process the data available in the content effectively according to the important business workflows.  

What is SharePoint Syntex?

SharePoint Syntex is a reliable and dedicated content management system that utilizes advanced AI and ML capabilities to organize, categorize, extract the necessary information, set compliance rules, and automate time-consuming processes that enhance significant business operations.

Let us think of it from a different perspective here with the practical scenario. An automobile company urgently requires the customer’s documents about bike insurance and records of annual bike services. It becomes a challenging task for the employees working in automobile companies to fetch the necessary customer information scattered in the entire SharePoint document library. 

To resolve this query, an automobile company can integrate SharePoint Syntex services like document classification to automate the document identification process based on the data type. However, SharePoint Syntex utilizes innovative artificial intelligence functions to convert complex documents and fetch the necessary customer information about bike insurance and bike services used annually.

Moreover, enterprises must be licensed for Microsoft 365 to utilize SharePoint Syntex functionalities for an effective content management system. For instance, you should purchase the Microsoft 365 E3 license to use the unique and modernized content management system. 

After discussing SharePoint Syntex Licensing, let us give you an idea about the components and features of this innovative content management platform that helps boost crucial business processes.

Which are the innovative features of SharePoint Syntex?

Businesses benefit from various components and features of SharePoint Syntex, including integrated AI capabilities that enable them to create no-code models to simplify the necessary information fetching process. It includes object recognition, document classification, data processing models, and other content-extracting services.

Data Processing Models

Enterprises enable their workforce to utilize two different types of data processing models of SharePoint Syntex to fetch the essential information from the shared documents. All these models differentiate based on the data that is structured and unstructured.

For instance, businesses can use form processing models to extract structured data from documents to improve critical processes. In contrast, the workforce can use a data understanding model to fetch the unstructured data from the list of necessary documents. 

For example, names, stock information, geolocation, and dates are structured data that are perfectly organized. The employee work statement is a practical example of unstructured data in which the records need to be arranged more systematically.

  • Form Processing Models

It is one of the most significant data processing models for businesses that want to fetch information from the document in which the data is available in a standardized and structured format. 

Form Processing Models enable organizations to extract the necessary information from the documents having information in both text and image format. For example, documents with extensions PDF and JPG can quickly get processed by this SharePoint Syntax AI-based model. 

Businesses utilize this form processing model with integrated artificial intelligence capabilities to fetch the required information from the image-based documents through the OCR technique. You can also create a low-code or no-code application with Power Platform using this AI model to identify the necessary information from multiple content formats.

  • Document Understanding Models

These types of data processing models included in SharePoint Syntex are helpful for enterprises to fetch information from text-based documents. Enterprises can utilize the enormous and unique machine learning functions to prepare the model that automatically extracts the essential information from the unstructured data. 

However, it allows the workforce to test its efficiency and update the required changes in the document fetching process during the execution phase. The unique functionality of these document understanding models is their advanced integration into the system for identifying files and obtaining essential data from the documents, which are usually dispersed in the entire SharePoint platform.

For instance, these SharePoint Syntax functions enable enterprises to build a distinct document understanding model in the SharePoint content center. It is helpful for businesses like the banking and finance sectors, which regularly deal with text-based information.    

Document Classification

SharePoint Syntex allows organizations to create a low-code application using Power Platform to automate document classification. However, it helps businesses categorize significant records stored in SharePoint documents online based on the different types of content. 

The innovative AI capabilities enable the workforce to utilize SharePoint Syntex for recognizing the texts present in the documents and transforming them into the tags used for processing additional information extraction steps. 

Also, SharePoint Syntex provides suggestions to organizations regarding the metadata by remembering the use of Power Automate in critical business workflows.  

Make content fetching easier with these distinct components of SharePoint Syntex. 

Businesses practically apply all these valuable AI models of SharePoint Syntex into their systems for effective content management and essential information extraction. Meanwhile, companies must select models based on document types and content. 

Enterprises can also utilize advanced security to protect the information extracted using content compliance functionality. If you are a business that requires advanced AI models for retrieving sensitive information from documents using the SharePoint platform. You can connect with atQor, a certified Microsoft partner which offers customizable SharePoint Syntex consulting services based on the types of content and documents from which information is extracted for performing vital business operations.  

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