Microsoft 365 Trends in 2022: Everything you Need to Know

Microsoft 365 Trends in 2022: Everything you Need to Know

June 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

When you pay for something, you usually own it, and the transaction is ended. It works the same way with footwear, pretzels, and cosmetics, for example.

However, in the world of technology, you are never truly paid. It may appear like purchasing Microsoft Word, Quicken, or an iPhone is a one-time event, but it isn’t.

You’ll be given the option to upgrade to a newer, updated version at least once a year.

Since Microsoft 365 was launched in the 2010 – 11 upgraded version has been offered several times.

Over and above that, Microsoft 365 still have more than 200 million subscribers. These numbers are enough to let you know the dominance of Microsoft 365 over corporate IT and other associated field.

Despite being up-gradation keeps on approaching, the supremacy of Microsoft 365 never declined. Instead,

Microsoft 365 services keep on trending high amongst users and grab recognition for 5th consecutive year as a Leader in its 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Content Services Platforms.

Microsoft carries on breaking the benchmark every day by increasing the number of users with their updated versions. And come out with trending services and updating solutions in flair, lucratively above the expectations of users.

The expectation for M365 is on the surge, and so does Microsoft 365 consulting services to their users. It becomes a trend every time they come up with new services.

Likely to say, ‘Microsoft and trends are Never Ending Story.’

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 has established itself as the leading SaaS platform for mid-market and small businesses. Surpassing Adobe Cloud, with 26 million users, and Salesforce, with an estimated 17.8 million users.

Since Microsoft 365 plays such a significant role in corporate IT, our ultimate trend predictions for 2022 are centered on Microsoft 365 trends.

Centering on the whim of Microsoft 365, we are going to discuss the following trends of 2022 further down in this blog which you need to know:

Latest Microsoft 365 Trends in 2022

  1. Video Creation in Office Mobile
  2. Microsoft 365 will get more Complex
  3. Rich text and Image in Planner Text
  4. AI elements will be Included
  5. Remote Collaboration will be Expected to be in the Main

1. Video Creation in Office Mobile

If you use Microsoft Office 365 services in the Mobile app, you’re probably aware that the app has been steadily improving. The newest feature is video production.

  • The app will get a new video icon.
  • Up to 90 seconds of video recording.
  • Trim and share after adding text, annotations, ink, etc.
  • This feature is only available to enterprise users that have a OneDrive business account.
  • This gives you access to and plays videos from your professional network, Teams Meetings. On your OneDrive for Business, you have recordings, demos, and tutorials.

2. Microsoft 365 will get more Complex

Microsoft’s strategy for Office 365 has been to offer new features and capabilities on a regular basis, often without much warning, documentation, or support. The trend toward greater complexity is expected to continue in 2022. Throughout the year, we’ll be adding additional features and price plans.

  • Teams may get more Develop.
  • Delve may get removed as it gets less support.
  • Microsoft Forms may soon be able to give you high-quality business templates on which you can build your forms.
  • With two new capabilities dubbed About and Custom, Microsoft will shortly update the web player for audio and video files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.

3. Rich Text and Image in Planner Text

In the Planner task notes box, Microsoft is introducing support for rich text (bold, italics, underline, etc.) and photos. Once Microsoft Graph documentation for the new rich text task notes field is published, Microsoft will update this feature.

  • Users will be able to see and edit notes without being interrupted.
  • Microsoft will keep the contents of the rich text task notes field, and the plain text task notes field in sync to ensure compatibility.
  • A preview of the image will appear in the task notes field if a user decides to insert images in the rich text task notes field.

4. AI elements will be Included

Microsoft is launching a “collection of natively integrated AI experiences” throughout Microsoft 365, which will go beyond the AI capabilities now built into several Office programs. Context IQ is the name given to these emerging AI experiences.

  • When attaching or sharing files with peers, users will be prompted in Editor by Context IQ to evaluate certain files or documents.
  • When using Outlook email to schedule meetings, Editor with Context IQ will suggest times when all participants are available.
  • When users use the @ sign to tag someone in a remark or email, Editor with Context IQ will suggest certain persons to tag depending on who they’ve engaged with recently or who they’ve previously tagged.
  • When in Teams, an Editor with Context IQ will be able to offer autocompletion of relevant information, such as frequent flier numbers or specific messages.

source: Microsoft

5. Remote Collaboration will be Expected to be in the Main

Whatever happens with the pandemic and shifting views toward remote work, Microsoft 365 will see a lot of new capabilities added or enhanced to make remote work easier.

Hybrid workers can work in a variety of places, either on-site or remotely. Keeping in mind that allowing employees to work outside of a typical workplace is critical for many businesses. Microsoft 365 is expected to introduce remote-friendly solutions for organizations.

  • Employees who are unwilling to relocate or who require a flexible work environment can easily be hired and retained.
  • Reduce travel time for employees, giving them more time to be productive and engage in stress-relieving activities outside of work.
  • Make the most of your working space.

‘Change is Inevitable’ — they say. This quote perfectly fits the current trend of Microsoft 365. With the increase in users across the globe, Microsoft keeps on moving upward as per the demand and requirements of users. And why not? As the future is much dependent on software, being inevitable is obvious.

Microsoft 365 is part of a larger ecosystem of technologies that allow enterprise mobility while also ensuring security. To move forward with the trends, atQor  provides office 365 Consulting services that can help boost your progress by realizing your maximum productivity potential. Microsoft 365 consultants from atQor are high skill and trained & have experience with cloud-based systems that make use of an operational architecture.

Hybrid Work: Are you Ready for Upcoming Great Revolution?

With the increasing number of users, Microsoft is surely going to update M365 in the upcoming period undoubtedly. As soon as we make our minds, what more changes will Microsoft be able to make than this? Microsoft just comes out of the box trending. So, the only thing we as the user can do is change as per situation demands.


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