MS Ignite 2021: Know the Needs and Benefits of Microsoft 365 & Windows Together

MS Ignite 2021: Know the Needs and Benefits of Microsoft 365 & Windows Together

November 12, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Ignite Event

What’s New in Microsoft 365 and Windows?

Ignite Novenmer’21; On this day, the leading technology market leader, Microsoft, declares to establish new empowerment for the digital world by incorporating new features in Microsoft 365 that will enable the developers to build their own tailor-made data types that incorporate images, entities and formatted number values, propelled by their own custom data sources. On top of that, the build-up of customised functions can channelise the benefits of these Excel data type.

Customers and clients can create their own add-ins and expand the existing one to capitalize on data types, giving you a customised, integrated, and next-generation experience within Excel. So, share the data types across the complete company and format your own add-ins that could give a connective environment with their own service or data. So, API empowers users and developers by organizing, accessing, sharing, and processing the data.

Microsoft Plans to Empower the Authoring Experience with Context IQ

The context IQ is traditionally consolidated with AI that can presume, find and suggest an idea for consumer need for the correct flow of information. Today, the editors can write with conviction and correct grammar across documents, email, and the web, making the data relevant with auto-completing sentences.

So, to summarize the benefits of Context IQ:

  • Attaching, inserting, or sharing a file
  • Finding available calendar times
  • Tagging colleagues in a file
  • Microsoft Loop components, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Entering data or objects

Microsoft Forms Collection with Latest Updates

Meanwhile, Ignite also unfolds the new Microsoft Forms Collection feature that enables the customers to build and manage an online archival form that can create an infinite collection and store and get access to data and quizzes at the first attempt.

Recording Studio is Ready to Tell you Stories

As the virtual interaction advances, you get the power to simplify the creation of personalization of the audience base. The recording studio has been optimised in such a way that consumers can now use it to tell stories. This process allows you to reach multiple people as per convenience and feasibility.

With the optimum ambiance, Users can record, retake, and share their presentation easily, enabling them to build a bridge with the audience. Till 2022, a Recording studio also gives you the seamless interaction of Cameo and Designer to make the slide quality better and engaging.

A New Set of Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

An enterprise often faces the need for a multi-connected work environment to make a communication bridge with external stakeholders, customers, and vendors. Thus, it becomes harder to track out the last update that requires context switching leading to security risk. To overcome these impediments, the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a flexible identity platform, makes cross-organizational collaboration easier with two updates:

Share the channels with teams and individuals across multiple organizations. Users can now schedule the meetings by using Microsoft apps.

Expansion of collaboration with Team personal account by enabling the users to chat with the employee outside the work network.

Other Important updates are:

  • Enhancements to Microsoft Teams rooms and devices.
  • Introducing Mesh for Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams platform enhancement and new collaborative app.
  • Microsoft Teams webinar enhancements and additional broadcasting capabilities.
  • New enhancements to Microsoft Teams admin centre.
  • Updated teams chat features.

Microsoft Viva Insights is about to Add Updated & Premium Features

At Ignite, Microsoft declares to add new features to help employees and managers consolidate more efficiently to promote productivity and workflow.

The updates are:

  • Updated insights and tools to enable the managers to improve the work habits and team culture.
  • An efficient meeting experience would be available in the upcoming months with Viva insights and Microsoft Teams.
  • Intellectual exercise in Viva insights apps in Teams would be proactively available in different languages like French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Other major updates are:
  • Microsoft Viva is available as a suite with new modules on the way.
  • New Microsoft Viva Topics updates available soon.
  • Partner integration and deployment updates for IT pros.

SharePoint Syntex Leverages increased value for Customers

Introduced at Microsoft Viva 2020, SharePoint Syntex would now use Artificial Intelligence to organise documents and information to help the customers search, safeguard and automate the business system. In Nov ’21; the new updates in the technology would include:

  • Content assembly
  • Contract management
  • Search and analysis

atQor: A Leading Enterprise to deliver Microsoft 365 Benefits

As a frontline Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor has immense capabilities to empower your digital investment by offering an advanced Cloud-focused Microsoft 365 support at a budget price to keep your customers happy through which they can take on the business effectively with rapid response to problem resolution for Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365.

  • Optimize Business Collaboration
  • Enhance Virtual Communication
  • Streamline Security Behaviour


So, it’s time to leverage your company with the leading champ of this set of expertise. Be it integrated software solution or Cross-Platform Browser (MICROSOFT EDGE) to Optimize the search result, you can vouch on our IT experts with quality delivery of services.

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