Microsoft Ignite’21: Know What’s New in Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Ignite’21: Know What’s New in Microsoft Power Platform

November 15, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Ignite Event

Ignite Takes on a Deeper Integration Between Power Platforms and Teams

With the high degree of adoption of digital transformation, the need to grab the benefits of low-code development capabilities is integral for the business’s success. At Ignite, Nov ’21, Microsoft has declared to put enormous efforts into integrating power Platform attributes with Teams.

For instance, Power Automate is now leveraging a deep integration with teams. Users can now browse a gallery of Teams-specific automation right from the Teams App Store and create automation from a template without having to do any advanced configuration in just a few clicks.

So, the new set of integration are:

  • Power Automate Templates in Teams App Store
  • Power Virtual Agent’s new security setup that denies sharing bots in Teams
  • Power Virtual Agents can proactively message users Teams
  • Power Virtual Agents bot makers can directly add their bot to a team channel

Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Microsoft Power Platform

AI Builder is an empowered low-code solution consolidated with Microsoft Power Platform, offering an AI model for a wide range of user scenarios. Multiple enhanced implementations are still in the preview that includes:

  • Incorporate custom-built AI structure into AI Builder to use it with Power Platform.
  • Streamlined integration of AI Builder and Lobe.
  • Future planning for AI Builder capacity that has to be incorporated in Power Apps.

The New Enhancements to update Power Virtual Agents

Many new updates in Power Virtual Agents widen up AI-empowered chatbots’ creation, upgrade, and functionality. This liberates a better response to clients and customer requirements. The other important updates are:

  • Fusion bot development
  • Always-on service
  • Power Virtual Agents as a skill
  • Many other enhancements within the Bot category are:
  • Microsoft Teams proactive message
  • Sharing bots with colleagues via security groups
  • Mention and interact with bots in a team channel

Power Automate looking for Intelligent Automation

MS power platform

Ignite unfolds the utilization of a series of tools to deliver an end-to-end automated system. This enables in-depth insights and enhanced workplace collaboration. Some of them are the Azure Virtual Desktop starter kit that enables the enterprise to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with many conveniences. Integrate current Azure Virtual Desktop deployments and automatically turn on virtual machines (VMs) to uplift RPA workloads. This optimizes the infrastructure budget and operation time of the system. Admins can now prevent data loss with DLP policies that ensure the compliance issue of the organization.

Microsoft holds Pay-as-you-go Subscription in Preview

MS Power Platform

With the new subscription chart of Azure subscription licensing, IT professionals can now extend the low-code service and strengthen the Azure capacity to imply pay-as-you-use on a real-time basis. This establishes a firm bridge between Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), The two integral wings of Azure. It helps the developers to deliver fast and flexible results. The subscription is yet in preview.

Mobile Apps for IOS and Android is still in preview

MS Power Platform

Microsoft Power Apps mobile apps for iOS and Android have been kept in the preview to enable consumers to disburse the app through a low-code solution. This assists software engineers with controlling, marking, and directing the experience they need their clients to have for the venture line-of-business independent applications they have fabricated. As the web and Bing integration gets enriched in Microsoft Teams and Power Apps portals, the experience gets diversified.

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