Microsoft Inspire 2022: Big Announcements You Must Know

Microsoft Inspire 2022: Big Announcements You Must Know

July 20, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft

“Every organization in every industry will continue to infuse digital technology into every business and function so that they can do more with less.”- Satya Nadella

The biggest partner event for Microsoft this year is currently underway. Each year, the partner community gathers for Inspire, a conference that opens up fresh possibilities for development and cooperation.

 At this online gathering, Microsoft recognized local accomplishments, talked about Microsoft’s top goals for the coming year, and enriching opportunity to grow your company beyond. This year’s conference has concentrated on partner programs, VIVA, Dynamics 365, Power Platforms, Cloud Migration, and the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Some of the major announcements from Microsoft Inspire 2022 by CEO Satya Nadella that we have to admire and applaud are listed below.

Big Announcements from Microsoft Inspire 2022

1. Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty:

Microsoft now offers a Cloud for Sovereignty, a global government and public sector cloud that addresses the security, compliance, and policy needs of the governments of different nations. With the advent of this service, customers in the public sector will be able to take full advantage of the Microsoft Cloud’s extensive platform capabilities, resiliency, agility, and security.

They will have more control over their data and improved access to information about the cloud’s governance and operating procedures.

Microsoft Cloud For Sovereignty

Source: Microsoft

This cloud has developed on innovative Azure confidential computing, which provides resilient security to sensitive workloads and data migrated to the Sovereignty cloud.

Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty comes up with competencies to encrypt data, utilize it violently without altering your application, and easily collaborate with clients in regulatory sectors.

The combination of core competencies of cloud computing and sovereignty makes this cloud unique.

2. Azure Space Partner Community:

To enable each individual and each organization to accomplish more with fewer resources. Microsoft announced the Azure Space Partner Community, which is extended beyond our Earth.

With Azure Orbital, Microsoft will open up possibilities, including satellite flight for delivering commands to the orbit in real-time, global communication for distant cognitively, and earth observation for precision farming. Microsoft approaches its partners to scale its space solutions on Azure.

Azure Space Partner Community

Source: Microsoft

For instance, Azure Space Partner Community members will have direct access to Microsoft’s engineering resources. They can take part in Azure Space training to keep current on the newest technologies it offers, work with Microsoft’s engineering and sales teams on proof of concepts and receive quarterly roadmap reviews and newsletters for Azure Space.

3. Microsoft Viva Engage:

Viva engage announced to build meaningful relationships and communities, which can strengthen relationships, bring opportunity to express yourself, aid built cultural involvement, and specifically developed to connect employees across your company.

In such a fast-moving world of hybrid and remote work, it becomes complex to connect with team members efficiently to make a purposeful and effective communication viva engagement that can create a positive work environment.

Through communities, events, conversation, and open sharing, Viva engages and connects individuals across your organization and sparks engagement.

Your employees may have open dialogues with co-workers, and directors, build and enjoy communities, find answers to their questions, and share their extraordinary tales and hobbies with others with Viva Engage.

Viva engages and strengthens ties by posting photos of its newest employees to set up a gallery for pet owners to display their photographs.

4. Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform: 

Microsoft Digital Contact centers will access cutting-edge digital solutions for consumer engagement using this new open platform.

It provides a unique way to reduce time spent on organizational tasks and boost customer satisfaction. It is integrated by Microsoft D365, Teams, Power Platform, and the latest profound Artificial Intelligent technology called Nuance.

This single unified platform offers all the tools required for voice, video, and omnichannel engagement, and it even supports social messaging networks. Microsoft Digital Contact Center also offers self-service, cooperative agent, business process, sophisticated telephony, instant visibility trends, and fraud prevention capabilities to deliver extensive seamless and omnichannel customer engagement.

Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft believes these applications will become the most significant breakthrough drivers in today’s market as it integrates knowledgeable front-line workers in their communication and drives next-level automation and productivity.

5. Collaborative Annotation in Microsoft Teams: 

With the extensive toolkit of Microsoft Whiteboard, Collaborative Annotations enable all meeting attendees to annotate shared content with drawings, text, and reactions. Users of Teams chat can record, send, and watch brief videos using the Video Clip function.

By pressing a button, the user can record video and send the message. It can be replayed at the recipient’s convenience.

Source: Microsoft

6. Excel Live: 

In Satya Nadella’s keynote address at its Inspire 2022 conference, Microsoft expanded on that idea by announcing Excel Live. This feature appears to have the potential to drastically alter how teams work together and how we use meeting materials.

Excel Live enables real-time workbook collaboration in Teams sessions. Such collaboration of excel sheet in teams’ application and resilience of Fluid will take teams application to the next level and power the employees to work more effectively. Moreover, the software infrastructure is somewhat complex, users find it to be quite user-friendly.

It is not necessary for users to have a copy of Excel Live because it is being displayed using the same technology that powers Excel Online. You can update a spreadsheet if you know how to run Teams.

By selecting Work together in Teams from the Excel Share menu, you may utilize Excel on the web to start an Excel Live session from within a spreadsheet. With the spreadsheet open and ready for modification, this starts a Teams meeting to which you can invite attendees.

Excel Live

Source: Microsoft

7. Azure Migration and Modernization Program : 

According to Microsoft over 500 partners already working across the Migration and Modernization programmes in the field of infrastructure, applications, and data.

Additionally, Microsoft will now offer up to 2.5 times more substantial incentives for Windows Server and SQL Server migrations in an effort by its sales divisions to allocate the incentives locally and give partners more possibilities.

Microsoft believes they built the solutions to make the world around more successful and change, and it is never more critical to connect with what they built but focuses on what the world wants them to build.

8. Viva Goals:

According to the recent Microsoft announcement at the Microsoft Inspire event 2022, a new service in the employee experience platform will jump on the bandwagon of the entire Microsoft Viva suite. 

The viva goals feature in the preview phase will enable team members and employees to collaborate with the organization’s priorities and objectives in real-time.

It will bring the leaders, managers, and employees into a centralized place to track the status of the goals and objectives of an organization in the continued workflow.

Now, businesses can create goals, assign owners, and define success within employee groups in a collaborative Microsoft Teams platform. This new employee experience feature will help enterprises to build a culture focused on alignment and impact.

Viva goals help organizations save employees’ productive time for goals management and impart more time to achieve desired objectives.

9. Teams Connect Shared Channels

In the consecutive technical event Inspire 2022, Microsoft made the preview feature, “Teams connect shared channels,” generally available and open to all organizations.

According to Microsoft, organizations can easily collaborate with the team members and people internally or externally in the shared space to schedule meetings, discussions, chat, co-author files, and collectively develop apps.

This new integrated and collaborative feature helps enterprises resolve the complexities of adding people into a specific channel by avoiding the extensive process.

Teams connect feature integrated into Microsoft Teams app will offer enterprises robust security, compliance, and governance policies that protect confidential data during conversations and meetings with people outside the professional network.

Teams Connected Shared Channels

Source: Microsoft

10. ISV Success Program

On the first day of the Inspire 2022 event, Satya Nadella announced the ISV success program during the opening keynotes by Satya Nadella.

With the introduction of the ISV success program, Microsoft offers new benefits and opportunities to software providers globally.

This new update will help independent software vendors to create well-architected applications using the cloud with an innovative approach and publish them to the commercial marketplace of Microsoft.

According to the officials, the ISV success program is in preview mode. It offers an exceptional opportunity to the software providers to access developer tools, technical resources, cloud sandboxes, business resources, and other offerings.

Day 2 Announcements: Microsoft and Oracle Strategic Partnership

The biggest announcement on day two from the two tech giants, Microsoft and Oracle, acts like a cherry on the cake for the collaboration of the Oracle Database service for Microsoft Azure has been finalized.

All these historical moments happened during the partnered-focused Microsoft Inspire 2022 event hosted by Judson Althoff.

The conversation between the two legendary chairmen, Larry Ellison and Satya Nadella, confirmed the general availability of the Multicloud experience to the customers.

With this partnership, the customers can use best-of-breed capabilities from Microsoft and Oracle in a single solution. For instance, Microsoft customers can utilize and integrate critical databases from the Oracle database services for their cloud applications.

On the other hand, Oracle customers can securely deploy their applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud, which makes applications time efficient to launch in the market.

Integrating hybrid services of Microsoft Azure and Oracle Database into the centralized solution helps customers to improve time-to-value, increase agility, and be economical.

However, this strategic announcement solves the complexities of the customers regarding the application development process. They can deploy applications seamlessly into the secure Azure cloud and make the application faster by retrieving databases from the Oracle database services in the Oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI).

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