Check out the Latest Updates on Microsoft Edge at Ignite’21

Check out the Latest Updates on Microsoft Edge at Ignite’21

November 13, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Ignite Event

Let’s Celebrate the Cross-Platform Journey of Microsoft Edge

MS Ignite Nov ’21, also Cherishes the Customer Movement to IE mode, Linux, and New Search Browser. Microsoft Edge is now available for Linux via a stable channel that was previously collaborated with Linux in the preview channel. Now with the latest update, Edge can perform with full competency across major platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

The customers like GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), A leading global pharmaceutical firm that holds over 130,000 employees, incorporated Microsoft Edge as their default browser to enhance the security and simplify the IT ecosystem. The competitive advantage of the dual engine available in Edge enables it to run imperative legacy apps and sites over 92 countries, right alongside modern ones. ”One browser that does it all”; This is how Michael Freedberg, Director of Modern Workspace Engineering at GlaxoSmithKline, has portrayed the value of Microsoft Edge.

Similarly, A German federal employment agency working with 95,000 employees gets the digital advancement by adopting Microsoft Edge and delivering essential services to the consumers during the pandemic. “We had so many applications that still depend on Internet Explorer,” Ronny Intrau, Browser Product Manager at BA, says. He describes Microsoft Edge as “one browser that handles two worlds for us.” The result is that everyone at BA, from IT to developers to employees, is better able to serve their citizen customers.

At Ignite’21, Microsoft promises to be the browser of the business serving with 360-degree capability, from IT professionals to developers to end-users. That simply means a new cloud site list management experience that sets up the IE mode. So, get the most out of the Microsoft innovation by using Edge.

Hence, Microsoft Edge is a profitable and strategized option for the users, clients, and customers that modernizes applications and browsers’ legacy and prospects.

Ms Edge Ignite

New Update to Simplify Internet Explorer Experience

In the upcoming years, The Cloud Site List Management experience would allow keeping storage of the organization’s site list in a compliant cloud location rather than the on-premises infrastructure. The enterprise list would be essential for configuring Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge.

Users can make a structure of import and export site lists as well as audit changes with the Microsoft 365 admin centre. Several site lists can be published to the cloud ecosystem using the different lists. This experience is currently in preview.

Microsoft Search shortcuts enable users to Fetch more out of searching

Searching is a usual action on the web. Microsoft search being a part of Microsoft 365, play a key role in safeguarding your data and keeping it secure. Ignite unfolds the newly released features in Microsoft Search that includes Work Search shortcut and enhancement of Work Vertical. Microsoft has also expanded its line of offerings to the customers that are now available with US government cloud customers. Microsoft also plans to give 130 plus graph connectors to improve the search experience.

Microsoft Edge will always be an easy way to get Microsoft 365 subscriptions. In the next 6 months, a new connective experience will be launched to make them work smarter and more productive.

Reinvent your Search Result, Choose Microsoft Edge!

The Microsoft Team expressed the most profound gratitude to the loyal customers who stayed with this exceptional technology over the years, till the time it gave the final verdict to get available among almost every operating platform.

The advancements announced by Ignite 2021 on Microsoft Edge can be utilized for leveraging the recent capability updates of Microsoft Power Platform. For modernizing the operational approach of any application Power Platform plays a major role in wide range of industries where support of advanced browsing platform is equally important.

  • Get competitive speed
  • Optimize privacy control
  • Embrace vertical tabs
  • Allow chrome extension
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