Need to Embed Power BI in Your Business Applications

Need to Embed Power BI in Your Business Applications

April 30, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Power BI

We live in an age where you having a fully functioning computer right in your pocket. The immense leaps in technological advancement enabled us to integrate the latest tech and develop the smartphone. It works to keep you constantly connected with others and gives you the power of the internet in your palm.

Today, the smartphone enables us to improve our businesses in every sense. From promoting your business online, to allowing customers direct access to your products/services, to even managing the inane day-to-day functions the smartphone applications are designed to manage all with equal efficiency.

Need for Power BI

Microsoft, the global leader in software development technology, provides the Power BI (Business Intelligence) suite to take care of all your business functioning need. This amazing platform offers in-depth insight into the business and market, efficiently collecting data, processing it, and providing the most updated and relevant business reports.

Now, every one of us uses apps, at least a few times during the entire day. The same holds true for people working in large or small corporations. The immense mobility and reach of the smartphone has made it one of the most effective tools for employers and employees to improve productivity for an increase in returns.

Although there are numerous software that promises to provide users with the best data analysis, processing and reporting functions, the truth is that with the gargantuan scale of data which is collected by any corporation, every one of these business management apps or software falls short in providing the level of efficiency which is actually required. This has been a constant challenge for many software designers and developers.

Microsoft Power BI suite is an innovative and advanced cloud-based solution from a renowned software provider. The Power BI applications mainly help to:

  1. Improve compatibility with different user devices (smartphones, tablets, wearable, etc) for equally smooth functioning.
  2. Enhance data collection, processing, and reporting with accurate insights.
  3. Enhance the visual appeal of the data being displayed for easier perception.

Although you may be quite proficient with software design and development, it is always advisable to leave complex development to professionals.

Salient Features of MS Power BI to Enhance Business Functioning

These are the prime aspects of the Microsoft Power BI solution, which are designed to simplify your business data processing and reporting requirements:

  • Energize your apps – When you embed Power BI into your existing business platform, you get the best-suited solution. This leading platform is cloud-powered and open source. This makes it inherently more efficient in delivering the data insights to users in a way that is significantly more visually appealing and easier to interpret. This comprehensive software suite is the perfect solution for a small part of conventional software investment and helps induce energy into your app.
  • Enhanced Efficiency – When you choose to embed Power BI into your business apps, this makes your business app get easier connection to relevant data (on-site and off-site data included), using advanced connectors. The numerous features, such as Custom Visualizations, Natural Language Query, etc., help users get the most relevant results faster.
  • Increased Reach – Using the Power BI applications, you can search and access the relevant results quicker. Apart from allowing faster data processing, it also helps present the report in an easy-to-read manner.

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