Top 6 Reasons that Proves Why to Migrate from Gsuite to M365?

Top 6 Reasons that Proves Why to Migrate from Gsuite to M365?

May 11, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

Are you looking for practical reasons to migrate from Gsuite to M365? Every business or organization must know the essential features, services, and reasons for adopting M365 compared to Gsuite.

For example, suppose one company requires more email storage space since it generates leads through email marketing campaigns. For this reason, employees need more space to store emails for running these campaigns successfully.

Besides, they face email storage issues in their existing G-suite applications like Gmail, where they get the hybrid storage area for both email and file storage. For this purpose, they want to migrate from Gsuite to Office 365 for ample email storage space as per their business requirements.

It is one of the facts for adapting M365 over G-suite. In addition, various authentic and practical factors prove that M365 migration from Gsuite is a better option.

Which Are the Authentic Reasons to Migrate from Gsuite to M365?

 Reasons to Migrate from Gsuite to M365


The capital or expense of technology is crucial for every business to achieve better productivity. Besides, Microsoft 365 offers flexible pricing options compared to G-suite.

For instance, when you migrate G Suite to Office 365, you will get numerous pricing options every month. In addition, it offers users up to 50 GB of email storage and 1 TB of cloud storage for easy file storage, access, and management.

Therefore, M365 is more cost-effective than G-suite, with limited plans with different prices. Also, the M365 suite offers multiple plans and prices based on your business requirements.

Security features and services

Security services and advanced protection features are some facts that act as crucial reasons to migrate G Suite to Office 365.

For example, it plays a vital role in the banking and finance industry, where the customer’s financial data security is highly prioritized. 

Therefore, Microsoft 365 suite offers advanced tools equipped with artificial intelligence to detect and analyze suspicious activities like threats, phishing attacks, identity theft, hacking, viruses, etc.

In contrast, G-suite provides its users with limited security services that automatically detect suspicious activities from admin and user accounts. 

Moreover, the security services of M365 are helpful for banks to combat financial crimes and identity theft protection. Hence, it is the primary reason several businesses, especially banks and other financial institutions, migrate from Gsuite to Office 365.  

Easy accessibility of multiple applications

Multiple businesses require easy accessibility to different applications like work management and advanced analytics. They want to use these functions to streamline business processes and make better-informed decisions. 

For this purpose, you can contact Microsoft-certified partners like atQor, which offers Microsoft Office 365 consulting services. In addition, they guide you through the proper use of the M365 applications suite.

However, the M365 suite provides easy accessibility to numerous applications like work management tools, power platforms, advanced analytics, etc. These tools can give you visuals for easy data interpretation and proper management of different business processes. 

For this purpose, the M365 applications suite provides both offline and online access to office documentation tools. On the contrary, G-suite only offers online access to their applications to the users, which acts as an important reason for M365 migration from G-suite.

Hence, the easy accessibility feature is helpful for businesses continuously using desktop versions compared to online office applications.

File storage feature

Some companies provide file and database management services to their users. So, they require applications or tools which offer huge file storage functions.

For this purpose, the M365 applications suite offers 1 TB storage space to keep track of multiple files and data well-organized. In contrast, G-suite applications like Google Drive provides their users with only 30 GB of file storage space.

Therefore, it is practical for companies requiring large file storage space to run their services effectively.

E-mail storage

Several digital tools offer variable storage space for keeping emails for a longer time. However, these tools are highly useful in companies where frequent use of emails is their daily task.

For example, the sales and marketing team frequently utilizes email to convert leads through email marketing campaigns. Besides, they require an advanced tool that provides large email storage space.

For this purpose, Microsoft 365 services such as Outlook and Exchange provide 50 GB of email storage space. Hence, it is large compared to G-suite applications like Gmail, which offers 30 GB of hybrid storage space for emails and files.

List of applications in the complete suite

The complete applications count in the suite also plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency and productivity of business processes, employees, and C-level executives. For this reason, the M365 suite offers extensive applications like OneNote, Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Planner, Exchange, Lists, etc.

For instance, automobile and manufacturing industries use numerous applications for presentations, documentation, emails, calculations, data entries, planning, scheduling meetings, and more.

So, these industries like automobile and manufacturing will utilize all M365 applications suite in their different business processes.

On the contrary, G-suite provides a limited number of applications like Gmail, Hangout, Docs, Google Drive, Slides, and Spreadsheet. Therefore, it will also be why companies migrate G Suite to Office 365 for better work quality.

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Let’s Say Final Goodbye to Gsuite with Microsoft 365 Consultant

All these practical facts of M365 proves that it is an excellent alternative for G-suite, and business can effectively adopt it for their growth quickly. You can contact atQor, one of the best Microsoft 365 consultants offering the appropriate migration services from Gsuite to M365 as per your business requirements. Therefore, you can achieve higher performance, scalability, efficiency, and productivity in various business processes.

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