Relationship and Difference between the Azure AD and Intune

Relationship and Difference between the Azure AD and Intune

August 1, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Azure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration, Microsoft

Azure and Intune are the two most used cloud-based market solutions. They do share standard features, but at times, they react differently. Azure is a service suite that can easily handle Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. devices. At the same time, Intune offers to manage iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The main difference lies in the pricing of both Azure and Intune. But Intune gives a free trial that helps you decide which solution is better based on your requirement.  

Also, Intune offers smaller services and is a part of Azure. While Azure a cloud-based computing platform and an IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). And Intune comes with MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) services. Additionally, both services are used for proper management and secure mobile devices. Intune helps control the applications installed on mobile devices and can remotely delete the data from your lost devices. However, Azure can manage storage, database, virtual machines, and networking. Azure can control devices in hybrid mode, while Intune uses the same platform to manage devices. But Azure is relatively expensive compared to Intune, so decide based on your organization’s needs.  

Here, this blog will discuss Azure AD and how it is related to Intune. Azure AD is a cloud-based version of the active directory with a large audience where users log on and get authenticated AD to access resources. Also, Azure AD is designed to offer excellent web-support services by using transfer API interfaces. Different versions of Azure AD are available with different mechanisms to give access to the organization’s cloud services. It offers scalability, and its free version provides 500,000 objects to manage everything efficiently. While on the other hand, Azure AD and Intune work together to manage and deliver settings while protecting your organization’s resources and controlling how users’ access share and lock the lost devices.  

Microsoft Intune 

Give complete control over your company’s devices; add mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. One can quickly deploy and add security compliance to all devices you have. Moreover, get a complete compliance system with centralized control and extensive security resolution. Now, no need to spend a lot of time on infrastructure and pay additional. Choose an excellent Microsoft solution partner company that offers the best solution based on your business requirements. 

Why use Microsoft Intune? 

  • Control the organization’s devices, including laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc. 
  • Getting centralized control means there’s no need to spend an additional on infrastructure. 
  • To meet the security controls and provide excellent data protection. 
  • It is compatible with all devices. 
  • It’s easy to deploy and ensure security compliance by adding abilities to set policies.

Microsoft Azure AD 

Azure AD comes with SSO (Single sign-on), which can be used for multiple applications to streamline processes. In comparison, Azure AD offers multi-factor authentication to improve app security and protect against cyber security. Use Microsoft Azure AD to implement the efficient management of identities while ensuring the right people get access to the right resources. Using this platform, one can pre-integrate to their cloud services that add Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and other cost-effective solutions. 

Why use Microsoft Azure AD? 

  • Azure AD offers Single sign-on (SSO) to manage multiple applications and get access control. 
  • It protects users from cyber security breaches by adding multi-factor authentication. 
  • It offers the capability to choose the right people at the right time and provide efficient management.  
  • Be ready to extend the on-premises directly to the cloud using Azure AD and its benefits.  

Is Azure IaaS or PaaS? 

Azure provides all three, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, as they are the core models of the Microsoft Cloud platform. It depends on the Azure services and what users want to opt for their business needs. As an Azure IaaS provider, we offers customers to outsource their computing and networking requirements. It helps to remove all infrastructure from the user’s server and manage customers on their behalf. 

Through Azure PaaS services, users get complete control over the applications allowing them to work safely with equally managing OS patches and other load balancing. With PaaS, the user does not have to worry about the server configuration as it works automatically. 

Azure is a fantastic platform for hosting applications and can also create one. These cloud-based products by Microsoft, such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, and more, help Azure for hosting. If you want to build a robust and intelligent tool, connect to our Azure service provider team, and take advantage of it.  

Few reasons to use Intune for their mobile device management. 

Intune management is an excellent option if you are looking for an efficient business solution for your mobile device management. Intune can save users a lot of time and money by providing seamless integration across devices. A few of the critical advantages that Intune offers are listed below. 

  • Intune is compatible with all employees’ devices. 
  • Add meaningfulness to your business with the best security management. 
  • Quickly deploy tools and updates to business devices. 
  • Embrace the cloud, as no maintenance is needed. 
  • Get centralized control with no additional infrastructure. 
  • Get better security and business control. 
  • Meet the legal and company-assigned cyber security needs. 
  • Offer employees access to their business applications. 
  • Protect and secure your organization applications.  
  • Embrace the zero-trust security approach. 
  • Get detailed reporting and analytics. 

Is Intune a part of Azure? 

Depending on the organization, compliance standards and security are needed. While Intune works as a part of Microsoft enterprise mobility, it can coordinate easily with Azure’s active directory, identifying and integrating the application with Azure.  

Azure offers easy data protection that can be used with the Microsoft 365 suite of products. Users can deploy OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and Endpoint to keep their organization’s data well-protected and secure. To start with Microsoft Intune, buy a license and comply with the organization’s requirements. When the need is fulfilled, the user configures the Intune domain and later uses Azure AD to sync users’ data.   

As soon as the user adds the details of the users to Intune, they can assign their license and add permission. Next, start adding the application and devices you need. If you still face a problem setting up Microsoft Intune, connect to a Microsoft Solution partner like atQor and get a free consultation. 

Can Intune work without Azure AD? 

No, it can’t work, as registration is necessary to add data in Intune management. Once the device enrolls, Azure AD provides users authentication and establishes a device identity. This step is required to provide a use grant for single sign-on access and to use various cloud-based applications. Azure AD helps to identify the identity option and determine different enrollment ways for users to view, use, and determine the sign-in options.  

What is the primary process to configure and deploy a custom app in Microsoft Intune? 

There are various steps to follow to deploy custom apps in Microsoft Intune. A few of them include the following: 

  • Preparing your application by creating a custom application to deploy. Later, it’s tested and validated before you deploy. 
  • Next, create an app package in Microsoft endpoint manager admin by filling out the necessary details. 
  • This user assigns an app package by adding specific plans for the app to deploy. 
  • Once the app package is assigned, one needs to monitor the deployment status by tracking the issues during deployment.  

Do you want to keep your data safe and manage your devices parallelly using Microsoft Intune? Connect with our Microsoft Consulting team and make your business secure. 

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