SharePoint Solution: An Integral Aspect of HR Management

SharePoint Solution: An Integral Aspect of HR Management

October 18, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

HR Solution, A foremost need for your company! 

The role of the HR team is imperative for every business. Be it a small-scale domestic firm or a multi-level enterprise, People solution is the first and foremost lookout for the complete functionality of the business. Hence, there should be a technology that the HR manager can rely on for every aspect of HR Solutions. This not only eases the burden but also mitigates the possibility of human error.  

Most of the companies are counting on an HR management system that is preferably built on SharePoint technology which eventually increases the performance, Enhances productivity, and channelizes the growth rate to the maximum. 

So, The role of HR management in any business is: 
  • Staffing: It involves recruiting the employees, rolling out Internal Job Posting, on-site and location transfer, selection of expertise for various roles and responsibilities. 
  • Training: It involves evaluating the performance of the employees and incorporating specific training as per the requirement. 
  • Compensation: This involves the allocation of resources, implementing perks and benefits, payroll management. 
  • Administration: This process comprises maintaining employee records and getting audits of every individual employee. 
Thus, an effective HR management system would make the complete people solution: 
  • Perform faster 
  • Deliver the functionality with ease 
  • Work efficiently 

Be it managing payroll, recruiting new employees, marking attendance and leave, or evaluating performance. An optimized HR management always encapsulates storage, recovery, and complete data analysis without any hassle. Any enterprise that is looking forward to upgrading the HR practices and getting better management of human resources must have effective HR Management Software to improve the flow of work. 

What is SharePoint all about? How does it facilitate effective HR Management? 

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated, automated, and collaborative platform that offers a secure workplace to create, manage, share and access information from any electronic device. 

It is a conventional content management platform empowered by Microsoft that can be customized and made flexible to run on any web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. It offers a great deal of functionality like collaborating sites and portals, an automated workflow engine, information storage, video conferencing, and a lot more. 

Companies may opt for a wide range of software systems: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Exchange, OneDrive, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Delve. 

The three basic versions of SharePoint are:

  • SharePoint On-Premises: It is leveraged by the internal management of your IT team. 
  • SharePoint Online: It is extensively managed by Microsoft. 
  • SharePoint Hybrid: This features a blend of on-premises and online SharePoint. 

Some fundamental attributes of SharePoint are as follows: 

  • Access, Manage and Upload folders from any device 
  • Collaborate with teammates on specific documents 
  • Share information across the entire departments 
  • Navigate data and files  
  • Create a set of libraries to store information 

How an HR Management leverages the functionality of your company? 

Make Announcement:  So, You need to make an announcement. It could be the declaration of outperformer, Special occasion, and event, or the implementation of a new policy. Stay calm! You have SharePoint. With this HR Solution, you can share the information and get the job done with ease. 

The news web part is an exceptional wing of SharePoint Online that enables sharing the engaging post with graphical representation. These announcements can easily be exhibited on the main page in a chronological pattern. 

Share Policy Updates, Forms, and Templates: The SharePoint document library enables you to share the information across your company. Further, with the help of metadata, you can bifurcate the information by department, expiry date, and types. 

Manage Employee Directory:  Get a holistic view of your employee details with this add-in feature of SharePoint. Facilitate your HR team to send instant mail to your employees. Get the users in an alphabetical or chronological pattern or remove the blacklisted or ex-employees from the directory. All these provisions are available with SharePoint functionality. 

atQor, A frontline SharePoint Developer of Microsoft  

Being a chief Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor has its own innumerable accolades in delivering an exceptional SharePoint Development service to the top industries around the Globe.

Our SharePoint Consulting Services offers a bulk of capabilities: 

  • SharePoint Customization 
  • Management of Business and workflow 
  • Top-notch Business Intelligence System 
  • Implementation and Integration 
  • Excel Services 

Migration to SharePoint also has always been a convenient journey with atQor. We believe in forming a multi-Dimensional migration team with an upgraded approach that will gauge your system requirement to figure out a top-notch plan for migration for your company. 

Our Implementation journey includes: 

  • Plan  
  • Prepare  
  • Act  
  • Check 

Our team of IT experts and SharePoint Developers understand the structure of your operation and offer you the service as per your requirement. 

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