Spark Security with Azure Cloud for Government Sovereignty

Spark Security with Azure Cloud for Government Sovereignty

October 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

In the digitally connected world, various business verticals, including government agencies, experience severe cyberattacks and malicious activities that fetches their sensitive data.

It happens because they have a limited threat protection strategy that prevents attackers from penetrating their network perimeters.

However, government bodies face similar cybersecurity challenges while managing their confidential workloads during digital transformation.

Are you looking for a specific cloud platform that manages, monitors, and secures all the confidential data of government agencies?

Microsoft Azure government is the cloud platform designed to handle the digital instances of the U.S. government in a physically and logically isolated environment.

Apart from Azure, you can also integrate and host Dynamics 365 and Office 365 services to execute government operations and workloads.

Technology Fact

It is surprising to know that Estonia has converted traditional banking and government operations into tech-savvy automated solutions.
With this approach, they streamlined the government decision-making process and reduced the meeting time to 30 mins from five hours.”

Let us discuss the term “Azure Government” and which functions it offers to government agencies.

Did You Know the Difference Between Azure and Azure Government cloud?

While discussing the latest cloud computing platforms for secure storage of business information, Microsoft offers a dedicated cloud platform known as Azure government cloud.
It handles and manages all the crucial workloads and operations that government enterprises execute in real time.
For instance, this specific azure cloud for the government is a physically detached section of Azure committed to managing U.S. government workloads and includes a screening process.
In contrast, you can integrate the Azure cloud for commercial use in different enterprises based on their data storage requirements. Additionally, it has data centers located in a multitude of regions worldwide.
Now, we will divert our attention toward crucial traits of the azure government services that secure vital information from malicious activities.

How Does Azure Government Cloud Strengthen the Security of Workloads?

Government agencies require an additional physical security layer to protect their classified data from the malicious activities of cyber attackers.
Azure Government cloud provides advanced security functions to the U.S. federal, local, state, and a group of government agencies to solve this purpose of the strong defense system.
Furthermore, this dedicated cloud platform has other attributes for government enterprises that protect confidential data with different compliance policies.

• Advanced Security

 Government organizations can raise their security level seamlessly through Azure Security Center and Azure AD.

 With these capabilities, you can set azure government compliance rules, role-based access controls, and policies to execute the critical workloads in the interactive dashboard.

 The hybrid flexibility and scalable attributes of the azure government continuously monitor and protects all the on-premises and cloud-hosted servers from vulnerabilities.

• Optimized Workloads

Microsoft azure cloud consulting company offers customized options to manage the total costs and robust security parameters to secure all the government workloads.

Azure Architecture Center: This option helps you to create a new workload or shift your existing critical workload from on-premises to the cloud.

Azure Advisor: It provides a free service to evaluate Azure government compliance policies and resources like servers, applications, and databases for enhanced security and performance.

Azure Logic Apps: Government agencies can build useful apps to manage automated workloads for maximum optimization. It ensures different ways to consume classified data and protect them from potential threats.

After discussing all the security parameters, there are some important reasons for the requirement of a dedicated Azure government cloud apart from the Azure cloud.
For instance, this azure cloud platform for government contains DoD-specific regions that satisfy all the primary requirements of government agencies that monitor classified data.

One of the major parts of this cloud platform is an additional security layer to the data centers, which works as intelligent security solutions for government enterprises.

If you want to gain all the modernized security functionalities of Azure government cloud into your infrastructure, you can interact with the experienced Microsoft Azure consultants at atQor. Being a Microsoft-certified partner, they assist you in making your crucial workloads agile with a strong defense system.

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