Things You Must Do Before Moving SharePoint to the Cloud

Things You Must Do Before Moving SharePoint to the Cloud

July 25, 2022 | Digital Marketing, SharePoint

Do you want to execute flawless SharePoint migration to the cloud? The latest innovation in technology offers various benefits to companies or organizations.

With the introduction of cloud computing services, many businesses and companies want to move their content or entire architecture from on-premises SharePoint to the cloud.

The SharePoint Online or the cloud version of SharePoint offers various benefits to organizations compared to on-premises versions.

Indeed, the cloud-hosted version of SharePoint offers businesses a content collaboration platform and helps to improve communication between the workforce and employees.

In addition, the other advantages include cost-effectiveness, providing advanced security, strengthening content, seamless mobile access, and enriched user experience.

Moreover, SharePoint migration to the cloud is challenging for large organizations with an enormous amount of content, configurations, services, and customization functions.

So, the companies should consider the crucial things and parameters before successful SharePoint migration to the cloud.

What are the Prerequisites before Moving SharePoint to the Cloud?

1)    Design a Robust SharePoint Migration Plan or Strategy

    • Businesses should design a robust SharePoint migration plan and strategy to conduct a successful content transfer process.
    • For this purpose, the organization must decide on the functions related to the entire site hierarchy and navigation that attract clients.
    • In addition, they should assign the responsibility of content modification and review the business information to the site admin.
    • Companies must conduct detailed discussions regarding third-party tools for executing SharePoint migration to the cloud.
  • At the initial stage, an organization must pick the suitable method for SharePoint migration to the cloud, such as manual, automated, and a combination of both techniques.

2) Decide the Cloud Deployment Model or Configuration Based On Your Business

  • There are multiple methods to execute various functions of SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud.
  • For this reason, if an organization selects SharePoint migration to the cloud, it must consider the suitable cloud deployment model based on the workforce requirements.
  • The companies must move their entire content to the public or private cloud based on the different functions.
  • They can also select the hybrid cloud deployment model for Microsoft SharePoint migration services where the selected workloads or applications like email and archive storage are migrated for a better user experience.
  • The developers can develop the entire strategy for SharePoint migration to the cloud-based on organizations’ functions and architecture requirements.
  • The business will get the best migration solution through a detailed discussion with a SharePoint migration consultant.

3) Filter Out the Things or Content You Require to Migrate

  • Content is one of the crucial things that businesses should consider before starting the SharePoint migration process.
  • In this regard, conducting a brief discussion with the content owners and business users is essential to recognize the relevant content to move into SharePoint Online.
  • Also, they can filter out the content and other confidential business information which is outdated and irrelevant to the organization.
  • After finalizing the selected content for the migration process, decides the type of cloud deployment model suitable for your business needs.
  • In this stage, companies can identify the content for customization and update information architecture during the SharePoint online migration.
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4) Be Patient – Successful SharePoint Migration Takes Time

  • The companies or businesses should establish some estimated timeline to complete the successful SharePoint migration.
  • Indeed, an organization should keep patient while the content transfer to the cloud takes longer than expected.
  • Besides, the entire SharePoint migration process is time-consuming, which will significantly benefit the businesses after being completed successfully.
  • Also, most organizations expect the SharePoint migration services to the cloud to be completed instantly with all the required functions.
  • In contrast, a business needs to remain patient and estimate a timeline with extra time up front to receive the required content-related functions.

5) Check All the Content Collaboration Functions After SharePoint Migration

  • After completing the SharePoint migration process, all organizations must test multiple functions related to content collaboration.
  • In this regard, the companies should design a dedicated plan for testing the entire SharePoint cloud migration process.
  • According to the plan, they can verify the content and structure of the intranet with the planned content collaboration environment.
  • However, testing your SharePoint migration for any limitations that get updated while moving content to the cloud is essential.
  • Besides, the companies must test all the metadata, content permissions, and workflows after migration.
  • In addition, the multiple testing task provides the companies with the estimated speed to complete the project.
  • So, the organization can plan its migration schedule and matches it with the project deadline.

6) Compare the Content Collaboration Results Suitable For Your Business

  • Once an organization is satisfied with the results after completing testing all the content collaboration functions and SharePoint online migration.
  • Companies can share the results with their workforce and executives to compare them with the expectations based on business needs.
  • They can ensure the migrated content and workflows meet the information architecture designed by the companies. 
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Choose Right SharePoint Migration Consultant for Moving to the Cloud

You can see that the successful SharePoint migration plan is essential for businesses to benefit from all the necessary functions and features for efficient content collaboration.

Also, moving to the cloud with the SharePoint online migration can benefit companies.

Therefore, if you plan to migrate from on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online, you can approach atQor, which is leading SharePoint migration company offers the necessary SharePoint migration services based on your niche requirements.

So, in this manner, your company can get additional functions for effective content management, a collaborative platform, and an intranet to share professional news with the workforce. Hitranks


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