Top Business Challenges You’ll Tackle with Microsoft Power Apps

Top Business Challenges You’ll Tackle with Microsoft Power Apps

May 24, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Power Apps

Various businesses and organizations are facing real-time queries in routine tasks. For example, the challenges like irregular systems for monitoring employees, absence of health tracking and screening systems, repetitive and time-consuming processes for onboarding new employees, etc., to name a few! Are you searching for the tools to solve significant business challenges that affect productivity?

However, Microsoft technologies developed advanced and automated technological solutions with PowerApps development company to solve these significant business challenges. Besides, Microsoft PowerApps consulting services allows businesses to design dedicated applications that will act as an instant cure for these business problems.

Let us shift our focus to the types of significant business obstacles that hinder their productivity and the solutions offered by Microsoft Power Apps.

Microsoft PowerApps: How it Tackles Top 6 Business Challenges

Power Apps Business Solution

Challenge 01:– Companies are facing issues during the new employees’ onboarding process

The interview and welcoming of new employees during their onboarding process will be a crucial part of the organization as it creates the company’s first impression of the new candidate. In the traditional system, the whole onboarding process consists of repetitive tasks and a time-consuming process with numerous loopholes. 

Solution 01:

Businesses and organizations can make a dedicated Microsoft Power Apps application to streamline the onboarding process for new employees. For this purpose, the HR manager and new employees should follow the simple automated onboarding process. For instance, this process includes accepting the offer letter, providing information about the company, offering training based on the job profile, and simple transition services to the new role. 

Challenge 02:– Sales and marketing enterprises are facing compelling communication challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic

During the covid-19 pandemic, sales and marketing companies face challenges communicating with their teams, employees, and customers to discuss the target audience and increase product sales.

Solution 02:

To solve this organization’s query, they can benefit from the PowerApps development company for effective communication. However, the Power Apps will integrate Microsoft Teams functions and build a dedicated communication application. Therefore, sales employees can share helpful business information, report their status during remote work, and send requests. In addition, managers can conduct video meetings, group discussions, and communication to monitor the status of multiple tasks and employees executing different sales processes.

Challenge 03:– During covid-19 pandemic, medical officers, failed to get the vital information about life-saving resources

In the covid-19 pandemic, medical officers and health workers face substantial difficulties getting information about life-saving resources like available beds, medical services, and limited equipment stock like masks, oxygen cylinders, ventilators, and other medical emergency devices. 

Solution 03:

To resolve this emergency, Microsoft offers an instant solution in the form of PowerApps development services. In this way, the health workers and medical institutes will leverage the potential of Power Apps and build the application which takes the real-time data of life-saving resources from frontline workers, medical officers, and nurses to collect information on their mobile devices. 

Therefore, this information helps medical officers to make quick decisions during emergencies by monitoring vital life-saving resources.  

Challenge 04:– A telecommunication company unable to monitor the time records of their employees seamlessly

In a scenario where a telecommunication company fails to manage its employees’ time records, it directly affects the salary evaluation process. This company uses conventional methods to monitor unorganized time records, and employees maintain timesheets of their work irregularly.

Solution 04:

Microsoft offers flexible solutions in no-code and low-code platforms like Power Apps Development services to solve this time records management issues. Hence, the HR executive of the telecommunication company will use Power Apps to design effective time management and monitoring system that helps them with easy salary evaluation and monitor the productive time of the employees. 

Challenge 05:– Absence of follow-up and feedback systems to monitor steps of suppliers

Consider a scenario where an automobile company does business with other outside companies. For instance, they have given the task of engine maintenance of vehicles to other companies like subcontractors. But they face difficulties regarding the feedback and follow-up from the subcontractors, like the amount of time contributed to engine maintenance and the control of their workflow in real-time. 

Solution 05:

To resolve this issue of feedback and follow-up systems, the automobile company can build a dedicated application using Power Apps that will showcase the live progress of the engine maintenance tasks. They can also utilize the self-service portal and store the data related to engine maintenance tasks the companies will get from the database. In this way, they can get feedback and execute a follow-up process in real-time to get the status of engine maintenance work.

Challenge 06:– Banks and financial organization is facing a problem of team collaboration during a covid-19 pandemic

Bank undergoes numerous financial services which require group discussion and knowledge sharing of innovative ideas to achieve growth. So, during the covid-19 pandemic, banks faced team collaboration issues and failed to provide positive results in profit margins. 

Solution 06:

To deliver effective team collaboration and achieve results, Microsoft introduces Power Apps services that help banks create dedicated applications with team collaboration capabilities. For example, banks can use Power Apps and integrate the functions of Microsoft Teams for effective team collaboration. Therefore, banks and their employees can discuss innovative ideas on the same task using the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. Also, the employees can share files, and messages, attend online meetings, host video conferences, and more to deliver high efficiency.

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Let’s Build Better Business Solutions with Microsoft Power Apps

Nowadays, businesses will get numerous alternatives to tackle the significant challenges due to rapid technological innovation.

For this reason, Microsoft introduces PowerApps development services that will solve the significant business obstacles and challenges by giving the capability to design custom applications.

If you want a detailed discussion regarding Power Apps for application development, you can contact one of the leading PowerApps consultants, atQor, which offers Microsoft PowerApps consulting services based on your niche requirements.

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