Which Microsoft 365 Features Are Ideal For Project Management?

Which Microsoft 365 Features Are Ideal For Project Management?

May 12, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

Do you get confused about selecting dedicated tools for project management? It happens due to the numerous digital tools available for project management. However, various small, medium, and large-scale businesses or organizations face issues in managing their different projects and delivering them on time.

Besides, dedicated project management applications are preloaded with Office 365 for business subscription. So, all these apps and tools provide significant advantages to companies who want to streamline their business processes for better efficiency and productivity.

Therefore, these applications will help reduce time spent in planning, organizing, and executing processes in various businesses. It helps increase employees’ productivity after selecting suitable applications based on your business requirements.

For this purpose, Office 365 provides a suite of applications based on your project management requirements.

List of Microsoft 365 Features for Project Management


Microsoft Planner

The planner is one of the best tools of Microsoft 365 utilized for project management through boards and buckets. Besides, the companies or businesses will get an interactive and engaging visual for organizing different project tasks.

Indeed, all Office 365 for a business subscriptions can design the project plan and tasks with precise details through color-coded labels, checklists, file attachments, project owners, and comments.

However, the users or employees can follow, create, and prioritize reports with instant project monitoring functions. Therefore, with the interactive and attractive visualization, they will get an overview of the project and check the process flow based on its planning.

Moreover, a planner is integrated into Microsoft Teams to take advantage of larger communication and collaborative platform.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the essential Office 365 collaboration tools that act as an effective centralized communication platform. Indeed, this modern tool offers individual and group chat functions to various businesses that will use them, like message boards, to monitor projects and the working of each employee.

Besides, each team can join or create different channels, and, on another side, hosts can record the entire conference calls and video meetings. For instance, an education organization has other teams of subject experts.

However, they want the team to work together on all different educational projects requiring each subject expert. For this purpose, they can use Microsoft Teams and create a team of professional subject experts and individual channels for each student to gain detailed knowledge on the subject. 

Microsoft SharePoint Project Task Lists

Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet tool that builds and creates a network comprising various departments of companies or organizations. So, businesses can utilize SharePoint as an effective project management tool.

Besides, it helps design entire websites and applications through libraries, folders, sites, and tag features of SharePoint. Hence, users can view their distribution on a project timeline where they have created lists of tasks and subtasks.

In addition, they take benefit of interactive and attractive charts to monitor the state of their project as some of them are running late or have future tasks.

Indeed, task lists will benefit employees from the Outlook calendars for upcoming tasks, conversations, and manage multiple documents in separate SharePoint libraries and constructively utilize project notebooks.

Microsoft Project Online

Project Online is considered an add-on to the Microsoft 365 subscription plan. Therefore, it is regarded as a professional application for the portfolio management of numerous projects.

Besides, Microsoft offers separate plans targeting different user groups, including project and resource managers. For this purpose, users can execute different processes for monitoring tasks and projects.

In this manner, this tool can monitor multiple projects and meet the requirements of both employees and project managers.

Experience automated monitoring and efficiency boost with project management applications

Microsoft 365 offers different project management applications and features useful for every business or organization to monitor and manage several business processes. Besides, companies can select the appropriate applications based on their project requirements and size of employees. For a detailed discussion regarding project monitoring and tasks management, you can contact atQor, which provides Microsoft Office 365 consulting services based on your business needs.

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