Top 7 Best Cloud Service Provider list for Your Enterprise Growth

Top 7 Best Cloud Service Provider list for Your Enterprise Growth

November 16, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing

With the advent of technological innovation, cloud computing is a buzzword among entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts due to the versatility it provides to companies.

With the presence of various cloud service provider companies globally, it has become much easier for decision-makers and organizations to shift their essential infrastructure, networks, and databases into the cloud.

According to Gartner research, it is predicted that public cloud services will experience 20.4 % growth in 2022. Additionally, global spending on cloud computing companies is expected to reach over $494.7 billion in the current year.

However, those days were gone when enterprises depended on traditional and expensive devices for managing their entire IT infrastructures, like storage equipment, network devices, servers, databases, and more on-premises.

In today’s digital world, businesses continuously adapt cloud computing to achieve higher scalability, flexibility, security, and boost performance.

Are you confused about selecting the best cloud service provider for your company?  

Here, in this article, we will clarify your dilemma and give you the perfect picture of the popular cloud service providers and how they revolutionize your entire business operations with their latest functionalities.

List of Best Cloud Service Provider Companies

With the popularity of cloud computing services, various key players deal with this latest technology and deliver it to enterprises.

Businesses are more aware of the technology giants such as Microsoft Azure, AWS cloud, and Google Cloud Platform due to their advanced cloud services like public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

However, we will discuss the following top cloud service provider and their versatile functions that can help you make a better selection.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Salesforce
Best Cloud Service Provider

1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft, a technological giant, brings innovation in cloud computing security services with Azure, and it is the largest cloud service provider worldwide with higher availability.

However, businesses can utilize the on-demand and open-source cloud computing services for hosting servers, web app development, storage services, and artificial intelligence functions.

Moreover, by partnering with the suitable azure cloud service provider, enterprises can seamlessly shift their information and make it secure in the online cloud platform.

With the flexibility of multiple-service offerings, Microsoft Azure delivers better scalability, security, governance, and compliance with the hybrid cloud experience.

Organizations can completely transform their business innovation by utilizing diverse products and services from the popular Microsoft cloud service provider across the globe for different verticals.

Now, enterprises can start and complete their cloud journey by partnering with a suitable azure cloud consulting company, including moving databases, servers, and confidential information to the cloud in numerous data centers.

Top Cloud Services Provider

Key Features of Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Get compelling security across all the network perimeters to protect your data.
  • Convert your innovative business ideas into practical applications by utilizing over 200 products and services.
  • Businesses receive accurate solutions for their data requirements.
  • Enterprises can quickly scale their IT resources to achieve rapid results.
  • It provides excellent flexibility, availability, and cost-effective solutions for organizations.
  • You get the unique support of different databases, operating systems, virtual machines, and web application frameworks.

Global Regions: More than 60

Availability Zones: 116


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2. Google Cloud Platform

The global search engine Google extends its cloud consulting services, popularly known as the Google Cloud Platform.

It focuses on most sections, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics.

Moreover, Google cloud operates on the same infrastructure applied in primary products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Search, and YouTube.

Google ranks as the third largest cloud service provider that delivers specific services that resolve complex challenges of organizations.

This cloud computing platform allows developers to examine, develop, and deploy applications on its distributed infrastructure

Key Features of Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Platform delivers an intuitive solution for security, data management, and analytics services.
  • Enterprises can determine various issues with in-built AI and analytics functions.
  • A suite of cloud-based services completely revolutionizes the operations of various enterprises.
  • Get integrated storage for executing data processes in app development.
  • Businesses obtain the specific space for storing data in virtual machines, computers, and storage space in Google data centers.

Global Regions: 34

Availability Zones: 106

3. Amazon Web Services

Amazon company put their digital footprints in the cloud computing services with the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Moreover, Amazon is a multi cloud service provider that delivers an automated experience to businesses with different cloud-based services.

Enterprises can receive the safest and most secure cloud platform for migrating all the services to the cloud, which include databases, network services, computing services, and web applications.

You can experience reliable, rapid, cost-effective solutions for businesses to execute essential operations.

Organizations can seamlessly develop complex applications with a separate section-based approach which is easily scalable according to their requirements.

Key Features of Amazon Web Services Cloud

  • Enterprises can achieve high availability and scalability with simplified resource management.
  • Amazon web services deliver a hybrid cloud platform for application execution.
  • Businesses get faster project deployments using the Amazon cloud.
  • Gain a secure cloud platform with protection from various cybersecurity threats.

Amazon Web services have the availability in versatile geographic locations as below.

Global Regions: 27

Availability Zones: 87


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4. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Corporation delivers cloud services named Oracle Cloud Interface (OCI). It is a versatile mobile cloud service provider with enterprise public cloud offerings.

Organizations can experience and move entire infrastructure into the cloud with networking services, and advanced compute functions with a scalable storage section.

Oracle Cloud seamlessly enables businesses to manage their crucial workloads on-premises and in the cloud.

It also helps enterprises reduce complexities with innovative and integrated cloud services.

Key Features of Oracle Cloud

  • Businesses get multiple options for cloud migration with the use of Oracle cloud.
  • Organizations can integrate the latest technologies like chatbots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make automated tasks.
  • Oracle Cloud enables developers and enterprises to create, connect, share, and secure data into web applications.
  • You can get advanced protection against potential threats with a strong defense system.

Global Regions: 40

Availability Zones: 44

5. IBM Cloud

IBM corporations entered the cloud computing space with an IBM cloud with a unique name Kyndryl.

IBM Corporation is a diversified multi-cloud service provider which serves businesses with public, private, and hybrid environments.

The IBM cloud platform contains advanced AI tools that allow businesses to design next-generation applications.

Key Features of IBM Cloud

  • Businesses can achieve excellent value with the secure delivery of cloud computing security solutions.
  • It enables enterprises to select and combine different tools, resources, and data models for developing web applications.
  • Enterprises can utilize the IBM cloud platform to perform precise communications between data and services in applications.

Global Regions: 9

Availability Zones: 27

6. Alibaba Cloud

The cloud computing platform from the Alibaba e-commerce group is the hybrid cloud service provider with the name Alibaba cloud.

Enterprises can deliver advanced and scalable computing services with higher flexibility and strong management of critical business information.

Businesses can get a unique platform to perform data analytics and vital communication, making interaction with IoT devices easier.

Key Features of Alibaba Cloud

  • Businesses can get higher scalability and a simplified app development platform for container cluster management.
  • It enables organizations to execute content delivery networks in their IT infrastructure.
  • Enterprises can migrate relational databases through distinct big-data processing capabilities. 

Global Regions: 24

Availability Zones: 74


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7. Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce Inc has introduced cloud computing services with the name Salesforce Cloud, focusing on CRM and ERP solutions.

However, it is the best cloud service provider and operates its cloud computing security solutions on the CRM platform.

Businesses can utilize this cloud platform to develop applications that enhance customer service experiences like CRM, ERP, sales, and marketing.

Organizations can seamlessly manage customer details in an automated process using hybrid cloud environments.

Key Features of Salesforce Cloud

  • Organizations can automate their customer service processes with advanced AI functions.
  • Enterprises can utilize this cloud platform to create and access resources with a knowledge management system.
  • Salesforce cloud delivers the dedicated workspace for performing in-depth analytics of CRM operations.
  • You can easily monitor customer information in a centralized system like assets, orders, and support services.

Global Regions: 03

Availability Zones: 09

How to Choose a Cloud Service Provider?

It is essential to select the multi cloud service provider to prevent major issues during cloud migration, such as data loss, malfunctioning of systems, data breaches, and many more.

But when you choose an appropriate cloud consulting company, it helps you organize your entire cloud infrastructure and prevents your organization from severe risks.

You should consider various parameters before finalizing the hybrid cloud service provider for securely shifting your confidential information into the cloud.

  • Know Their Proficiency

There are cloud service providers available worldwide claiming that they have the latest certifications and fulfilled clients’ achievements. Indeed, it is your priority task to check and verify their endeavors.

It would be best if you underwent detailed discussion and conversation regarding their area of expertise that meets your business needs. In this way, you can filter various queries by taking the necessary precautions in your evaluation process.

  • Understand your final goals

You must examine your final objective before selecting a suitable cloud service partner. Get confirmation about your required technical proficiency that they acquire while assisting you in the entire cloud journey.

In a particular situation, when your necessary final goals match, you can partner with the mobile cloud service provider that converts your innovative ideas into reality.

If you are a business decision maker or chief technology officer and want suitable guidance for selecting the top cloud service provider for your company, you can contact atQor. A certified Microsoft partner can assist you in choosing the appropriate cloud service provider suitable for your business.


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