2021 MS Ignite: Microsoft takes the biggest Technology Leap of this era

2021 MS Ignite: Microsoft takes the biggest Technology Leap of this era

November 23, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Ignite Event

Microsoft Ignite has been a seismic drift towards Advance Technologies that ought to change the backdrop of every Line of Business starting from Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical to Education and Outsourcing.

Let’s walk up to the detailed happenings of the events and unfold their Plans, Initiatives, and Updates leading to the greatest technology accomplishment of all time.

Microsoft Plans to expand the Azure Domination

  • The new update in Azure can be implemented in a wide range of used cases like summarization to content and code generation.
  • Leveraged by technology like Artificial Intelligence and advanced tuning, this practice can be applied in the mission-driven application.
  • A new pricing model has been set to facilitate a high volume of customers with a scalable model instead of the pay-as-you-go model.
  • The updated feature of the Azure database is letting the developers build and maintain cost-effective applications database and easy migration to the cloud.
  • Azure communication service is planning to release two improved designs to upgrade customers’ experience in multiple platforms.
  • Microsoft expands its investment to Prosper Migration & Modernization Programme.
  • 15% off on Microsoft HoloLens 2 for a limited time period.

Know the feature updates on Dynamic 365

The Latest Features that would help you to navigate through the hybrid world are:

Accessible business data: Access to data and information often gets slowed down and face countless obstacle. Dynamics 365 enables the organization to bring the network closer and emerge with innovation to solve the problem. Now the companies are easily able to fetch outcomes from business data search and turn them into actionable insights.

Increased collaboration: It has become imperative for every organization to build a proposal and address customers’ needs. Teams can now invite any individual across the company to collaborate on Dynamics 365 sales records within the flow of a Teams channel. Other updates of Dynamics 365 are having a “chat now” pop out from anywhere and inbound/outbound digital voice with Teams, featuring conversational intelligence.

Real-time engagement: Get a better employee engagement using Dynamic 365 when an organization can build a collaborated flow of work. Apart from that, users would have access to every bit of information since they are already engaged via calls, chats, or meetings.

Functionality that they will now focus on:

  • Real-time collaboration with the third party and other data providers.
  • Improved visibility by building a digital twin of the supply chain and fetching actionable insights.
  • Predict and dilute the risk by enhancing the supply chain signals that could affect the overall system.

Unlock the latest capabilities of Microsoft Cloud

  • Microsoft cloud platform brings together the breadth of offerings across the Microsoft Cloud to unlock capabilities in these areas—harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365.
  • The added capabilities of the cloud platform will enable the retail banks to upgrade customer and employee experience.
  • It has been developed to meet operational requirements and control threats, including built-in multi-layered security, compliance, and trust commitments.

Digital Fabric to empower the Hybrid World of Microsoft 365

  • The Digital Fabric would bring agility and connection strength across employees and teams.
  • It furthers integrates data, automation, and AI capabilities to meet the expected boundaries of customers and partners.
  • Soon, Microsoft is launching new capabilities in M365 within a year in which applications will be able to integrate with a daily flow of work as a team.

Customers continue trust on MS Edge, & embrace the multi-platform availability.

MS Edge would be found on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. To celebrate the availability, the Microsoft Edge Surf game has a special, limited-time surprise from the Linux world in the Edge 97 release dev channel, which is accessible by keying in the classic Konami “cheat” code.

Microsoft emerges with better Integration of Power Platform with Teams.

  • The Power Apps will now enable the user to create, discover & share fine experiences. Get to track the progress of the project with a new dashboard and visuals.
  • Now the Power platform is more deeply integrated with Teams.
  • You can create automation in just a few clicks without any advanced configuration.
  • The advanced configuration in Power Platform: Power Automate Templates, Power Virtual Agents, Power Bot.

Get a New multi-cloud Security, Compliance and Identity Management

Azure Security Centre and Azure Defender are now renamed to Microsoft Defender for Cloud. As the name depicts, Microsoft has taken an integrated approach across security solutions.

The new capabilities are:

  • Get an authority to access AWS configuration.
  • Enable the team to prioritize over the multi-cloud ecosystem.
  • Incorporate support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).
  • Help the security team to redefine, bifurcate, track and secure crucial information.
  • Address security and compliance norms across non-Microsoft data sources

MS Ignite: It’s not an Event, It’s the beginning of a Revolution!

  • With so much advancement in technology, we can literally presume that MS Ignite is the commencement of a new revolution of IoT.
  • So, If you have invested in reading this blog, then you are one of those tech-savvies who is eager to know about the announcements, technology up-gradation, and proclaimed feature updates of Microsoft.
  • “If Covid-19 brought havoc in the functionality of the business, Microsoft Technology affirms to set everything back to normal or even better.”


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